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Previous incarnation, I am a green lotus before the Buddha, can not move any heart, because I want to follow behind a Buddha Du to turn 100001000 son people, so I have been staying and waiting in the lotus on the stage and spent cool equanimity of a with Buddha of day.The first light of day that looking at dawn every day slowly rises and listen to monk of high renown speak to tell a story concerning Buddha, looking at to form a continuous stream ground the temple invocation redeem a vow pledged of pilgrim speak to tell a story concerning them, then the imprecation get the asylum of Buddha and looking at oneself to turn with Buddha Du so many people, Sale Discount Sporting Life Canada Goose Outlet Onlinethe in the mind is proud and proud of, toward a Buddha to say:Buddha, I want to have been following behind you, the Du turns world 100001000 lives.If the Buddha listenned to me and just spoil Ni of smiled to smile to me.

You are my smoke rain Chiang-Nan, meet you, I no longer the drop Mo become wound.From now on, Sale Discount Sporting Life Canada Goose Outlet Onlineone Pin on smiling, a sad a pleased, all because your one person.Only wish the heart of son, grey-haired never leave not to leave.

Ignoramus with three elder brothers on doing not would be for 10 years, do I no longer remember three elder brothers to are what appearance?

Also make me write into football in the feeling Wu.I like Sun Wen, Liu Ai Ling, high and red all of them are the prides in our heart.Have an object affects hundred million person of heart-football, probably I have a little to exaggerate.I believe that the person that like football is still a lot of.Rush the green shade rose of Keng Qiang on the field conquers the mind of people in the whole world and still have our mere mister on their body can not realize of all the sweet and bitter experiences, then only once experiencing these can know life road up is rains and winds travel at double speed.When the rains and winds are travel at double speed, there is tears, there is mirth, regardless you go where, all someone is silently blessing for you.When they lose ball, we are sheding tears for them, while the tears then flow into an in the mind;When they win ball, we shout for you, you win honor for motherland.Whenever your smiling face shows unintentionally is all such of beauty, but when you are to lose ball, your mirth disappears from the inside the beautiful side permit and seem to be like to make a mistake of kid.You don't have pure skin, is that you once experienced insolation rain to sprinkle.Probably you don't have vanguard's fashionable dresses, is what your occupation gives you to lose a lot of be like you together age person should own.You give up for the motherland a lot of and family reunited opportunity, but you didn't care these, if you care these, can't choose an occupation like this.

However at that moment science and technology, Be all come from imitating true and conjecture, the intelligence turns progress and has already started making duplicate thought and consciousness, haven't broken of, is just a kind of on the hoof true status.

Day after day, colleague so Xin, a Chinese family name is hard bitterness the earth shine attend to the wife of disease for two years of Be getting longer, never complained.Wife every bit and small amendments makes his excitement not already, for example, the wife could depend on on the cotton quilt and could sit in a short while by himself[herself], the wife can chew to have a meal by himself/herself, the wife will hurtle she is getting more silly smile ……the colleague's description make us touching and let us involuntarily shed tears and let us from the heartly send out to praise highly:This is the real man!This is the real man who has sense of responsibility!Although her wife is unfortunate,married him,is misery in her life in of unusually lucky!

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