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Mr. Wang gets off work to go home, the abrupt feeling brain hot dizziness, cold sweat sprinkles Li;After of the hand and foot shiver, talk wildly.The family sends to his community health hospital after mourning a few water although is hot to decline sweat, didn't tremble not to call,still felt body tired, hand and foot have no dint. On the second day, Mr. Wang asked for leave to the unit and continued to take medicine to inject at home. Night 10:00, Mr. Wang sleeps on the bed and hear mistress living outside wife and Gu murmurs, such as brother-in-law and eldest brother...etc., walk to step to of.Mr. Wang draws back door, the wife favour blocks he, press he on the bed, calling him don't door.Mr. Wang takes advantage o wife unprepared, walk to the mistress living outside, see several to up put some papers tie of dress hat shoes and socks, cook of fish, and the tea contains wine, flank heap one Luo one Luo the night currency, paper of 100000000 dollars tie of coin and gold bar.The underneath of the tea side-table put the Jiao son, horse and small sedan and a luxurious villa that the paper ties.By the wall still signed a paper sticks of fashionable girl-feet Deng high-heeled shoes, descend wear culottes and up wear a Chang low chest transparent Shan, long hair shawl, lipstick, wear sunglasses, the neck hangs gold chain, the wrist wears gold watch, Sale Discount Shop Canada Goose Outlet Onlinethe arm Ku leather packet, be like a some hot actress very much. Mr. Wang asks:"What is this a stem?" Wife favour comes forward to explain for Mr. Wang, say is that I asked "big Buddha" in the morning."Big Buddha" says you to meet road absolute being on the way home last night;Say you walk that road, walked for several decades, have never handed over the travel expenses of penny money, so the road absolute being pleases come to the land master, brook Long Wang and hell Ya service and urge life judge what of, block you bottom, frighten you for a while;Say is such as don't hand over money, viewpoint to beat a point quickly, will go your Ju, the strict Xing beats up, from heavy punishment.The wife says, and then point at those things, 11 explications:This money, a part repairs to hand over the travel expenses of owing the bottom, a part spreads to the along the road little devil;This coin, gold bar, is give this square the land and brook Long Wang;This Jiao son, horse and luxury vehicle send to the road absolute being;This villa sends service to the hell Ya;This blonde is to send to urge life judge."Big Buddha" gives an account that these thing, wait until at 11:00 later in the still of night, burn in the north 500 meters distance.After burning, you were all right. Say, the eldest brother sees form and says to be getting more at 11:00.Hence, the brother-in-law and eldest brother pickeds up those things to outside walk to the door.The wife follows behind, don't live silently a voice to give an account:"Do not make people see carefully." Mr. Wang smiles to say to the wife:"You this is to harm me.Once checking, I even if be not shot to death,want to wear by prison bottom." The wife says:"Do not blather, who dare to check absolute being."Say, a the pullout in home of Mr. Wang.Present the love letter of rain

41, chief of brigands, this boy all day takes this old woman son song to gather, cheating of grand love small love kid, a see his appearance is that kind of to splash woman of loose morals the female turning child seller's shameless scoundrels.(The short composition learns net

Only the feet know the bitterness of shoe, only knows honey of sweet, also only the heart that know a person in the sky.Only the genius knows ground of big, only the mountain just knows Gao in sky.Only water just knows the joy of fish, only the heart just feels lachrymal puckery.Most make people happy of BE:Most make people happy of BE, the sun knows moon, the moon is understand the sun, you rise me to fall a transmigration of soul operation, bright and warmth bring the earth the human life.Most make people grieved of BE:Don't know a night in the daytime of black, the dead hour doesn't know the United States in daytime.Emperor inebriates for beauty, the being an officer is tired for common people.

Some people, destine to just wipe a shoulder with you but lead;Some matters can never make to understand.The vain dream runs about quietly, endless empty the Ji fall Mo, still such as past fan Mang write, in the change, how where know to is a solid territory?

Go to thereafter, I still listen to Mu drum a clock for morning every day and calm down to enjoy in the breathing of the joss stick, be oneself thinks to soon forget of time, he again walked into temple inside, he kneel in the in front of Buddha, still keep being that beloved woman for the sake of him, that woman soon got married, but the bridegroom isn't him.He says he is sad, he says, he would like to Qing it is all as long as ability and he the beloved woman is together.Looking at his sorrowing is sad, I lotus the dew drops on the leaf roll to fall at his face up, mix the drop of tear drop on his face at ground up.I know that that am my tears, my heart just at similar to him be subjected to sad and the molestation of sorrow.At the moment, I also understood, Sale Discount Shop Canada Goose Outlet OnlineI am experiencing the love of the human life.

I learn to establish an industry after combining into the house because of keep off home town, plus a work busyness, have no ability at mother of front of exert this filial morality, but each time every several years, can take her to nearby and let her enjoy under the filial piety of the peaceful life and the son.However, along with her age of old man's house gradually high, plus to think of home heart to slice, shed leaves to return a past root, but she returned to home town to Anne's degree while wanting in the old age, unexpectatively of is the for life regret that from now on and since departure and unexpectedly became me.

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