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We are foolish Be signed to Fujian province of northern big bridge up, see the neon of bridge gleaming into a song song to leave song.

On December 03, 2014, an aim high elder brother whom I originally pay attention to wore the stripe.Want to be strange regrettable also of and originally be the same as 90 starting a business of empresses, at present he but deeply sink on the 10th Xing Ju.Everyone estimates it's all very curious, why will one's starting a business wear the stripe?Reason unexpectedly for absorbing powder, increase the concern of cellophane noodles.I don't know he why will think this strange recruit.This matter hasn't aroused sensation online and is especially today carry on putting to sow to tell everyone.Hope everyone cites as lesson to be learned, Sale Discount Goose Canada Jacket Outlet Onlinethe network is very terrible of hey.

The vegetable has Chiang-Nan overcast and rainy for sky it says, at foreign see, the south of China is to cover up in rain all day long, here still to this of female have the comprehension"is gentle and cultivated, tender feelings water" of a pole but also still have a bold and unconstrained parties of, in good weather(Kang settle, cool mountain etc. place) that some places really have clear open sky, the sky of my home town is also beautiful. While shuttling in school, the head quarter doesn't aware of self ground to look up at the sky, probably because I am a foreign land person, the sky here doesn't think good facial expression to me, probably is to afraid to see people, Be getting shier.Always so what time thin and blue, much more several so very small and distant grey cloud, pay no attention to then and inwardly feel sorry for, still we that of the sky gave foot face! The morning in summer, the desire carrying with full intention opens a window to peep a firmamental mood, H'm!Your mood isn't bad today, I dash away a set for sky in quick time and shut tight double of eyes and open hands, air deeply absorbed fresh United States of one mouthful, slowly open eyes, hope to go to the horizon, I read to gradually rise of the sun, read cloud of each difference of appearance, reader joyful bird son, read......Still kept filling up the whole world here.Am I more getting curious more to you, exactly still have what here?Lie stone plank up, the visual field suddenly coagulated a not well-known place, the view became misty, but the heart is specially clear, Sale Discount Goose Canada Jacket Outlet OnlineI saw a female the Wa repair a sky and sees a gigolo and knits female the magpies bridge meet and saw the Charng-er flew to the moon and saw person in Western Europe dreaming of of angel, saw sell grandmother of match young girl in the nursery tale of Andersen......Even now, my brains becomes very an inflation and allows me to read you too many a while.You load here bitter and sweet, pleased and sad......Let again I see clear sky back of haze, the intertexture of lightning flash and roll of thunder, the rains and winds hand over to ring, how much of world sad feeling bitterness presenting to public of play, you are so strong, accept all arrivals.Is this it you that have to tolerate at telling me?Still needing to be like you is similar and strong, simple.No matter appear in the life how of the mistakes can make a show of new literary piece on the second day. This again not from must make me thought of night your shape, sometimes you will be very quiet, clean month, vague stars, the blue hair is black.But sometimes you will be also not happy, you have to the Hao call, the flame of the volcano eruption stabbed and wounded your double eye, make you feeling painful, so you shed tears, you cry number. I read you, read this have from the thou arrive a plot now of long article continuous play, you of the memory is really very big, but I don't know, when you will can not swallow these to"give".Now our stupid, greedy, selfish, have already made your face distressed and dreary.You also at to your children-we, the caution writes.But have never changed continuously blaring of the battleplane to call, keep the gray thick smoke of rising the sky...... You have me don't understand of too many abstruse, the scientists in all countries are headed in work to laboratory, is also blocking up you, they think at you that to seek another habitat or look for the Alien's footprint to probably is again other reason.How many persons are all your cook whites hair, how many secrets do you exactly still have?But I hope I can continue to read you, which afraid I also the green silk changes grey hair!Read a white book

Spring came, Gao greatly exuberant Liu Lin, start to support the heaven of one green.Fang grass such as bacterium woodland up, Sale Discount Goose Canada Jacket Outlet Onlinecolourful floret, be like Sa a ground of gold and silver fragment.The sunlight casts net a spot motley through the decorous willow branches and leaves refute pure Yin.The colourful Die Man flies, Lin Niao to blare.Walk into Lin Jian, be like to walk into nursery tale dream an inside.

Get off work to feel boring, then make a telephone call for mother.Listen to mother speak, in mid- October, my house's old younger brother due to carelessly keeping on falling off from the second floors three elder brothers called on my house's old younger brother at the hospital, three elder brothers already no longer is before so stand a person of big belly, he loses a lot, the body is completely a windmill shelf.

Winks the moment of sort for a year, harvest is all tail that waits until a year from the beginning of the year, wait to wait to is......

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