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Want to come to is that the quick temper is too prosperous recently, it unexpectedly lets the youth climb full one face, sees this irritating youth not darned crazy to take out, unbearable, held a face to open small bad......The meals of in fact long sand not quite mordacity, at least, in I such a Qian north of mountain person but talk.To say this kind taste really pour is to have mercy on those, for a long time not through the taste of the battlefield little soldier.Come here, leave leave also the spring autumn was once.Don't say what think of home to think close words, just carefree govern time, also cannot help but starting to do east, imitate some kind of scholar text tea articles.Take a handful river bank the city brings of Cui bud tea, the few boiled water is smooth to wash penny half of clock, re- change bubble again to open, that is jade-green vacillating in the cup, is very good-looking.To speak of tea I but is that is actually true at of the dullard in the tea, Sale Discount Canada Goose Ladies Parka Outlet Onlinethe power was pure heart to eliminate fire to infuse into a belly, however did a plan for benefiting oneself.Is other of, pack kind, pack kind......A little bit ex- days originally intend do-it-yourself the school of arts livings development, from the library lend 《the human life phrase words 》 originally, be partial to living and meet very favorite novel 《celebrate remaining years of life 》 medium, sentence-character it talk, let me living to put on brakes, almost fell off a dog to chew mire.So-called"character character", only afraid is don't get this brilliant scholar that waits "pretend to kiss to shake breeze, Sale Discount Canada Goose Ladies Parka Outlet Onlinewhole day loiter a flower shop, ruin the body remains wallet bone to", I also had to be a vulgar person.The university inside leads severally near what stuff, the but again is busy true, whole day ground the good reputation Yue review, which know more turning over of dry run the book do to record and positively keep one some don't know a grain of arms and legs of high mark mentally retarded son.This sentence also scolded into oneself, however, pour to hope to scold come to me.Gentleman and rest the frustrated words of the type of saying"can come to deny", also let the my Zong feeling give a deep sigh, like one study big dream!Often play trick to say that oneself is a pig, wait to keep recently fatty fat, led to weigh, also canning not distinguishing white knife is afraid into, red knife.So, so a head of pig, pouring should chew severals to round a column, must find one export and beg a way out!Found this exit just, and that?How to look for again?(: )The bedlamite has words at this time......The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714136/This leads after one year

Is already a sea change in a moment;On turning round, but the that time light is gradually!Turn head road that see oneself's once walked, really don't know the to say a point to oneself what.Luckily O.K., the later road still grows.Add again to have the later road walked the strength!I clearly remember:Seem yesterday, I and the small crew member descended river to catch fish together and climbed a mountain together.Led much and carefree at that time ah, is all own on Sunday, Sale Discount Canada Goose Ladies Parka Outlet Onlineis all other people now.Saw adult have to call an uncle, aunt at that time, the little colleague's kids would call our uncle, aunt now.The ice cream of candied haws on a stick, five hair moneys of a piece of money was our happy all at that time;Now 1,000,000 houses, 500,000 cars, but is our happy part.All say that the house is to revalue a quickest merchandise, Ni Ma, the happy feeling is to grow up quickest thing.I still clearly remember:Ascend junior high school of time, I fancy a girl very hard.Hasn't been daring to vindicate to her, just silently like.Pay attention to her clothes pattern, her result, and I can know of everything concerning his business.I also met to appreciate my girl.But last one graduation, all don't know to fly to where go.That I can make can be wish them all happiness BE.Return to think of now, ever so beautiful, so harm!Hereafter once met a lot of girls, but oneselfs mostly all don't like very much.Meet 12 girls who like by himself/herself, summon up making track for of courage brave, conditions request of the other party Gao, I am basically unsuited to proper.I tell myself:I must make great effort!Lead than how are you!Is more happy than you!I more clearly remember:I work hard with the elder brothers in the outside of day.I go out little, don't mix social experience.BE at your with meticulous care develop under, chase me an ideal youth, became small bludger.Thank you!Those year, we work overtime together, wrap a night to get to the Internet together, firm gold flower, stroll park together, together invite the beauty have a meal.Anyway I feel that I was to change.You do of good matter, I feel that I am also all dry.And you are together really happy!I will remember our together each moment, each road once walked, each scenery once saw, until forever.Halt enough, stop over!Time all goes where?(: )Seem fantasy is for 30 years.No matter past time have much bitter and astringent, much miserably thin, have much sweet, much brilliancy;All of that were a parts of memory.I can't change.The later life still needs to continue, I want to recognize to hard and really treat, the to the utmost biggest effort makes oneself live beautiful!The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713986/Write to my daughter

Being long is so big, have never washed feet for you, I!Or your grandson?The going home definitely washes for you a to go home this year.Be like a childhood you wash for me similar.

From now on, I start hoping earnestly his arrival every day, at come and go of look for his figure in pilgrim, but led for a long time for a long time he have no again.The Buddha looking at my absence of mind, the Ci smiles ground to say to me:Everything is respectively vain, like dreamlike vanish like bubbles.

Don't know with your comity is which establishment get up, probably is the solitude that listens to your heart from I with disappointed of that engraves.Have never once thought one day us will so depend on each other.This pure friendship is really very rare, it is at this person persons to all say that the of opposite sex doesn't have pure age of comity particularly.

Aforetime, limits of the earth just as very short distance, only because the Lang has feeling Qie to have intention to.But at present, although get one heart person, hard and grey-haired not and mutually leave.Still thank a gentleman to know my idea, the feeling gentleman is pity, thank a vain inside of gentleman more concomitant for falling in love of three yearses.The helpless good luck goes to good luck to the good luck like water, the reality ties down not from person.From wildly sigh, the deep love good luck is shallow, good dream ancient difficult park.When once, tender feelings water, the wedding day was like dream.(: )Recall~to the mind early times, the ground is long sky of long, vows of eternal love, dynasty dynasty act act, the feeling language Ying Ying.But at present, the good luck falls feeling to spread a square to know, affectionate hate from ancient empty remaining, the good dream cause is the most proper to come to.Sighs, if it had been known that tie down, don't why not and at the beginning and not acquaint with.Sigh more, life such as if beginning see, He Shi's autumnal winds sad painting?Origin, a net line be not falsely, the ground Cape limits of the earth isn't long.When good luck fell, see again not acquaint with, from now on Liu Lang is a stranger.Don't after the gentleman, the pure sorrow bead tears inwardly hide, sweet and charming and smile slightly inebriate red pack.Not way wound spring, not way sad autumn.The seductive eyes craves for, Sale Discount Canada Goose Ladies Parka Outlet Onlinethe Hui heart orchid Sao.Lead a happy-go-lucky life.Drama Nue life.Luo Xiu lightly shakes, the pipa doesn't embrace, red cherry, green banana.Is decayed to inebriate a dance, not the way longs for an idea, don't chat previous incarnation feeling.Not upper level building, don't say sorrow.Don't love pleasant breeze.Only love wine.Isn't afraid the red candle understand to long for, only afraid night rain hang up tears.Smile oneself, affectionate but total heartless.Advise oneself, the joys and sorrows everyone has.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714475/24 wait a minute around

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