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One etc., you walk far, feeling but true, text Wang Shuo is a fairy maiden, the fairy says that you are a limits of the earth in the person, the universe of way opens a new road for you, the flower of world blossoms to scold for you and walk of walk, smile of smile, ask for an autumn, calculate one dream, rove around three to living to seek who read, on reading for a year, what then the Ci of side don't hook, is your to only rush, be still your person soul finger tip, you those are ten to tightly button up, you are that romantic facial appearance, there is Duo for sky of color, have ghost work it permits, don't get the flower in the person to protect, don't beg change a phrase in the language, you are true for you, really don't look for for you, you are that southern Ke Li's in a dream flower fairy.

When you set up to have Gao Lou in the flat ground;When you became mire straightaway, the your back rose heavy travelling bag and silently turned round, and then stepped on another shabby long journey and continue is keeping off to jolt in the drifting on water of natural affection, use humble life and simple heart, shine upon a city of superficial, my brothers.<Stone handsome sun/text& gt;

Also because this kind of is sorry, Gao Di expresses his/her own natural affection in 《the New Year's Eve makes 》 and hopes earnestly friend's family reunion& ldquo;The home town tonight thinks a long distance, frost temples Ming Dynasty again a year.

For be in love in, there is a familiar phrase calling to pursue.The man pursues a woman it appear that in love with win one wreath of essential to have, and woman also happy Zhong in enjoy this kind of be pursued of pleasant sensation but pursue really is be in love win a wreath of essential to have?

You are my smoke rain Chiang-Nan, meet you, I no longer the drop Mo become wound.From now on, one Pin on smiling, a sad a pleased, all because your one person.Only wish the heart of son, grey-haired never leave not to leave.

Today is the birthday of my ID card, we eat in "three friends"s 5th floors of self-help chafing dish, there is no cake, don't bless, the in the mind was very dependable, very contented. She asked yesterday and worked overtime tomorrow evening?I say indetermination, wait tomorrow again say.She asks again at noon and work overtime in the evening?I say that waiting just knows in the afternoon.Get off work, I waited red light in the intersections, she makes a phone call and say to work overtime in the evening?I say that temporarily don't receive a telephone.She says that coming back says again.We originally fixed to go the back of the good neighbor to eat spicy hot of, 20 several dollars, can eat very satisfiedly, is that I suddenly change idea and said to go a lot of times there and changed a place, go to newly opened three friendses eat chafing dish, a friend says there can also.She is very happy, because she waited me for livelong day.The in the mind feels that the good will moves, for the sake of the result of an indetermination but wait for, I feel that I is almost cruel. The person who waits you is the person who loves you forever.As I am reading a senior high school, father's mother usually waits me outside door in the school class is over;After ascending an university, Sale Discount Canada Goose Ladies Kensington Parka Outlet Onlinea word doesn't know of mother often and alone set out Wuhan from the village, turn a car to get to my school from Wuhan again, sit on my dormitory to wait I to return to;After going into the city a work, I as long as make a phone call to say village once old house, the father early and early waits in the countryside street corner;Now, a to get off work time, the mother starts waiting and wait I to return to have a meal and wait until from the sunset is black for a sky.Sometimes, I forgot to make a phone call, the meal in the rice cooker plugs in heat preservation to arrive very late. The person who waits you is the person of unselfish dedication.I have an eldest brother, he usually waits me.I as long as seeking him, he is very quick and then will appear.He is in the place that I rent etc., at I old house etc., outside my unit etc., sometimes etc. for a long time, he never makes a phone call to urge me, while seeing me always one face smile.I keep explaining that he always that sentence"I know your favour".My cousin sometimes picks me up to have a meal, is usually also an etc., the side is equilateral to play a cellular phone, and she says that she knows that I am anxious temper, don't like to be urged, more urge it's more panic. The person who waits a person, is the person of elaboration and persist of person.In the middle of waiting for, she(he) will work well all details, didn't flightily annoy rashness and had no light speech to give up.I once waited for as well and had no a choice to give up, didn't surround at a time difficult beat off, Sale Discount Canada Goose Ladies Kensington Parka Outlet Onlinebecause I believed firmly and waited for there is in the head quarters result, ignore is well is bad. Life Cang the sea is boundless, visionary in the future, be passionately devoted of make track for, my mind dream, where are you ?Wait the love that you turn round a detection

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