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Usually hear nearby the person say while chatting:Sometimes suddenly grind to a stop down in the busy moment, feel be fond of Mang very much, don't know whether the current life is oneself to want to pursue of, the body is tired temporary don't say, in the mind of exhausted more and more heavy, everyday eight hourses or nine hours, working time, only get off work the friendly friend of rear Be small to gather a short moment, Sale Discount Canada Goose Jackets For Kids Outlet Onlineevery Monday off day in the sky almost contributes to the week is male, connect went shopping so Chien's in brief single small matter to also become luxury goods.

The teacher should make the student like fun get into mathematics world and arise interest in the quest and look for a happiness from the detection, obtains knowledge on one's own initiative and realize mathematic use value and"do" the endless fun of mathematics thus.

Mentor life road ascend joyful, free and unfecttered, the mentor necessarily can hand over.The life journey is not- proud, a hundred years years and dissipation.Hence should be capable in a life time, then can the good reputation Be historic to spread.Just think some other day to rise high in the clouds, the Chang Qiong does obeisance fiesta joy to open Yan.

Whenever I shuttle at the person and flow such as the huge of tide alone of, I want at under an environment like thisLook for how of cream cheese?How I am at the environment like this descendsThe cream cheese that looks for an ability to make me cherish.When I at experienced a lot of affairs behind, I feelThe cream cheese& rdquo of oneself;Should be hard behind get, book in 《academic association be own cream cheese 》 also to a lot of of my association of thoughts, probably association of thought have never read a later book of so direct, but associate to some people and the affair can even give me more thinkings, thinking do the time of a matter each time I am to not is to should do, will bring for me after doing such a thing how of result?The person is to want to be after experiencing a lot of affairs, just can from the mind the feeling Wu arrive a lot of before can not feeling Wu arrive of.When the feeling Wu arrives these of, Sale Discount Canada Goose Jackets For Kids Outlet OnlineI feel all these everythings all are ever of pure stayed to my feeling Wu.No matter business and youth of occurrence when the childhood the matter still youth on me happens the businesses of occurrence are all such worth I think deeply and consider.Although the regret that there is a good work do,once leaving now have already canned not make up, Sale Discount Canada Goose Jackets For Kids Outlet Onlinethe regret like this can not also make up, be I the one step one step walk the situation like this till today there in no don't say is at strong under come over here, see today result like this I didn't feel proud of, because the failure ever can not forget, especiallyBanyan& rdquo;Bottom of the failure is the wound in my heart forever, the wound like this can never be made up, even if drive make up also hard add to with full intention work properly of scar, because the scar of mind is very hard to make up.Banyan& rdquo;Bottom of the precept profoundly is also worth me to over.

Have for a while, I am old the store going toward an old book to run and remember in one& ldquo;Old book shop& rdquo;Inside, I see 《Yi hard ambition 》 that the Hong exceeds, ancient works version in Shanghai, four greatly and originally 1 set.Such a book, I early have to smell, more and the cause of《permit Zhai casual literary note 》 , I always inwardly admire 《Yi hard ambition 》 .《Yi hard ambition 》 is a Hong to exceed of notes ambition strange novel, in this book, style of writing grace, enjoy my joys Xin.Was signed to at that time bookcase before, drew out 1 to browse, moved to purchase of heart.However, when I see marked price, each time this book marked price 25 dollars is whole, the four origin per set is exactly 100 dollars, stiller expensive than new book.That book originally published at the beginning of 80's last century of, a set of not enough 10 dollars, now, the marked price leads Gao, hence my heart in upset, without extra trouble let go of.Go again afterwards, have already disappeared.

The night sky bottom of south lets the maturity of my a little, the knowing of a little overcomes anxious mental state, viewpoint overcome to depend on to depend on others, this is probably the power that I fly now.The exactitude holds the place of goal in life dish now.The night sky of south lets seeing of my a little perseverance bring me happy felling and brings me the confidence that can not lose to anyone, this time of I am getting more diligent, cherish a work more top every study opportunity.I see none of persons is weak now, is strong, is win each than your strong person.Is mentally little to be once winning him, even if you lose to him, he isn't strong, just come to time of company long, the business acquaints with, have no what than the strong place of anyone.The night sky of the south bottom, I am a bird that waits for flying, a completely can independent bird, because the bird has been already grown up and has already known the true meaning of existence.While discovering these, also have what can not win it, also have what can obstruct its headway, which fear a tiger, leopard of road, the wolves can't let it stops an advanced step and stop outstripping ego of power, outstrip ego of time can outstrip other people.The night sky of south takes me to silently fly and take the alignment of seeking my a little to belong to my world.

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