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The noon of the youth, the same village brothers is small to gather, knows a some elder brother of old house place while life still lingers, think that several year agos meet in the city, just like yesterday, feel sad.No matter the life has how many Chang not, Sale Discount Canada Goose Jacket Sale Discount In Toronto Outlet Onlinefinally can not go against, but connect the qualificationses of recollection to all have no, pain when can return other people also have what!Remind Yang Xiong, at present what condition, want to know but afraid know, still keep being been saved to on board number of hand, not dare to stir pass by.Knew last year that Yang Xiong got sick, and cancer.Contact me, hope to beg famous doctor to grant good method in the city and finally be constrained by many restrictions, the still just old house made a conservative treatment.The effect isn't very good, the spring comes to city now and walked a few hospitals, also hanged several experts, prescribe some medicines to return to.At that time, saw him even walked all exhausting appearance, seemed to connect in the oneself heart painful of the fellings all had no, all empty of, don't know how to do, how said.Think, be me to still keep giving birth to Long Huo Hu every day, Sale Discount Canada Goose Jacket Sale Discount In Toronto Outlet Onlinestill keep being song to the wine, still keep often wanting to look for incitement, I can't think old of I.But Yang Xiong, can't think, either old of oneself, but his beard thinks at that moment at least of he.Associate a little bit ex- days to return to old house, see the father's portrait, still keep being that so noodles to permit, other olds, his together age person even a little bit small of, all become"old"er than him, the heart suddenly feels, can see own close relatives with each passing day old to go, it is a how happy affair to be, also think oneself ability doddering is also a God to grant to own boon.(: )Yang Xiong is my schoolmate in the senior high school, my leader of class, he regiment department secretary.Think of at that time scene, the desire smiled but tears.Have no who owe who, also have no the cent of height, we ever three year, time, a classroom, a dormitory, once took the same rackets, once rode the same to break a car.Is 43 years old, he is suffering from constant illness at present, my heart is hard to accept, sympathetic toward or other, face life, in addition to holding in high esteem, how again!Much time, we always care own of get, always described with a delicate touch losing of other people, faced natural affection, friendship, the way of was usually at that time.Don't should is the usually the most precious thus, also lose most easily.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713800/The Mao set returns

The good class of wind energy promotes a class of collective formation and development, produce to actively change and influence imperceptibly to each member of class of function.As a form master, how constuct one to have strong coagulate dint, actively and upward, united kind class of collective, form good class of breeze.

In Taiwan, want to appreciate snow landscape, must arrive higher Jade Mountain, He-Huan Mountain of elevation and stay orchid mountain, and still need to choose at the moment that cold front comes.This whole life, also only have once the few days after heavy snow, and colleague in the school together go to He-Huan Mountain to travel and appreciate that ice snow to still save, everywhere wet slippery snow ground beautiful scenery.Remember at that time, although the sun still kept hanging high up horizon, in this bise Zhui the heart stabbed bone in, the sunlight seemed root not any warm of one silk.Therefore, that kind of can face a window to lean on to hope at oneself home garden, appreciating a window the outside is endless silvery to reflect the scene of ground, absolutely can be said to be a kind of dreamlike attractive dream.

Ba(daddy) and Ba(daddy)The daughter hands to depend a back on the sofa, the side learns to walk a side continuously call.Come, baby, call‘Mama, mama& rsquo;I round a daughter and let her looking at me, not tired of teachMama, mama& hellip;.

After spring rain, like the night moistenning to come to joss-stick to imitate Buddha in this spring rain in experienced baptism, got rebirth.On those soon withered tree branches again long the thing of a heap of heap, seem to spend Sui, can't?So early Be about to bloom?Really make people's surprise, has been kept form but change substance some kind ofly, show a person by the latest facial expression:I am blooming!In spring day in, I want spring with all flowers Dou, and let a hundred flowers blossom!

Heel fart insect, glue a bean to wrap, those ragamuffins all call me like this.Call, literally.I am the elder brother's heel fart insect, I am an elder brother to glue a bean to wrap.The flower blossoms for me, the breeze sings for me, and the elder brother is mine.That river, that bridge, that, always have the figure of a darling female to mix up at a flock of make trouble ghost in the center.Catch dragonfly, hide-and-seek, looking at the ragamuffins totally mudely to swim in Shui-li, I unexpectedly don't know it's awkward and shy.It is contrary, stay by the side the clothes that they take off in the river bank slowly and asleep.Move to move all the year round, happiness fix.What my footprint tramples is an immature trace, but contains happy breathing.The chalk way on that bridge railing the way is me, delineating of a beauties.Although, don't know a representative what meaning, only, is that graving in of time.

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