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《Make track for a dream combination 》 makes me get to read literature the person's change, also show me a person of passion literature, at literature this road up pay the strenuous effort and sweat of , also show me a reader to is a writing to another adoration that write again at the same time.We each writing all the one who have a writing that oneself worships is what her work makes you fancy literature, Sale Discount Canada Goose In Montreal Outlet Onlineand walk the preceding context learn the road of creations, will experience a difficulty on this road, frustrate, but have the method to win it.Succeed=natural endowments+diligence+effort.The 《the blue sky that starts to support life 》 author is Wang Jia Peng, also the television drama that the autobiography that presses he changes, show me a person to how stand in the predicament.His idea dint, the confidence allows me to know life road more up don't can not win of difficulty.Is positive if at the beginning is writing the frustrate of road, this all wants to experience of, after experiencing just can know the shortage of oneself existence.《The nursery tale of youth 》 shows me the deepest feelings of of sister, they all start to build a bridge of love for the mind of the other party, so of really love to move me, also move them.《Empress kitchen 》 shows me the competition of dining profession, realistic Chinese food's drinking the competition of profession is also very ruthlessness.Want to exist and then will experience competition& mdash;—It makes me know how exist down in the society in nowadays.When I shuttle in the dark night every day, the mind seems to feel dark night inside to my writing inspiration no longer is formerly so strong.A lot of deliberation concerning lives go back and forth in the brain.Deliberate life in the middle of the long river we should do how of person?What kind of talented person is what pursue in our heart?In fact what kind of the person is all different to our everybody.After I am used to a kind of life style, we is not is should search to let us a substantial affair.When the busy life makes us lose a lot of touched, we is not is should make track for some ever of touched.

The taste is rotting to still have what is can not Fu, the difference of the origin, the kicking of influence young man steps, is no matter own vision stupid, still own heart rust bluntness, let oneself know a person not pure, review a person carelessly, can for heart of the love to say, and then what is meant by, harm and don't harm, whole life once, Sale Discount Canada Goose In Montreal Outlet Onlineat heart deep place calmness of to oneself for practicing moral teachings of love to gift, for the future future, bitter and sweet 100 juiceses of the love copy heart, the ferry years world of mortals, quiet however Anne Tai silently guard love and silently wait for the final outcome is in the life of permit China!

Suddenly discover, incognizant oneself, oneself is who, who is oneself?Keep on cross-examining, just discover, oneself what all is again what all be not, oneself knows everything and doesn't know anything, again keep on asking, seem the persons will go crazy, because of, this problem, absolutely make people entangled, just, simply wash to sleep, happy must save heart.

People often say that recall of so make people so difficult to forget, isn't that the reality isn't fine, but memory inside whole is a happy fine thing.

That is a cleverly made fine and different common small hospital, the small hospital enters deeply not exceed adult of four across, but have a garden that puts full various potted plant, listen to old woman spoke before this yard to is very spacious, she has two sons, the eldest brother gets married behind divide inheritance, have to whole spacious four match hospital penny to two, Sale Discount Canada Goose In Montreal Outlet Onlinethe old woman(grandmother) lived at pediatric son house, afterwards son's making a matter be put in prison, the daughter-in-law was also turned by the other people to run, home leaves her and a 4-year-old kid depends on each other for life and makes a living by renting of two for-rent vacant roomses fee.

Aforetime, limits of the earth just as very short distance, only because the Lang has feeling Qie to have intention to.But at present, although get one heart person, hard and grey-haired not and mutually leave.Still thank a gentleman to know my idea, the feeling gentleman is pity, thank a vain inside of gentleman more concomitant for falling in love of three yearses.The helpless good luck goes to good luck to the good luck like water, the reality ties down not from person.From wildly sigh, the deep love good luck is shallow, good dream ancient difficult park.When once, tender feelings water, the wedding day was like dream.(: )Recall~to the mind early times, the ground is long sky of long, vows of eternal love, dynasty dynasty act act, the feeling language Ying Ying.But at present, the good luck falls feeling to spread a square to know, affectionate hate from ancient empty remaining, the good dream cause is the most proper to come to.Sighs, if it had been known that tie down, don't why not and at the beginning and not acquaint with.Sigh more, life such as if beginning see, He Shi's autumnal winds sad painting?Origin, a net line be not falsely, the ground Cape limits of the earth isn't long.When good luck fell, see again not acquaint with, from now on Liu Lang is a stranger.Don't after the gentleman, the pure sorrow bead tears inwardly hide, sweet and charming and smile slightly inebriate red pack.Not way wound spring, not way sad autumn.The seductive eyes craves for, the Hui heart orchid Sao.Lead a happy-go-lucky life.Drama Nue life.Luo Xiu lightly shakes, Sale Discount Canada Goose In Montreal Outlet Onlinethe pipa doesn't embrace, red cherry, green banana.Is decayed to inebriate a dance, not the way longs for an idea, don't chat previous incarnation feeling.Not upper level building, don't say sorrow.Don't love pleasant breeze.Only love wine.Isn't afraid the red candle understand to long for, only afraid night rain hang up tears.Smile oneself, affectionate but total heartless.Advise oneself, the joys and sorrows everyone has.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714475/24 wait a minute around

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