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Li Yi Shan is a night poet Tang, already falling off Tang Shi push again to another highest point, his poem although the unclear in meaning is difficult to understand, Sale Discount Canada Goose Hybridge Outlet Onlinethe but again quotes from classics workses, the Ci Zao is gorgeous, melodious modulation in tone, arouse imitating of numerous scholar writerses, herd with the then Du together, be praised asLittle Li Du& rdquo;, And then is as equal as Wen Ting Yun, be matched to be calledWen Li& rdquo;.

I know this, she writes to answer the letter.The income in the army camp isn't high, but is this clean and pure comity.In this mind under the clean and pure sky, I would like to do like this.I don't have interleave girl like this.When the sending gives her gift, my minds are all delightful.I believe she is similar to is happy.She uses reality, kind infection and move me.The gift probably isn't very worth money, but this clean and pure comity& mdash;—Its weight BEIs worth moneyOf.It uses how much all can not buy.She has been being exchanging sugar for my mind.Have been teaching me the method for opening mind eyes.Also church how I am start to build a bridge of love for mind.This clean and pure comity morely comes from the love in the mind.Love like this is clean and pure, transparent.A kind of spirit that exchanges sugar for mind, a kind of open eyes of mind.It is above board, it puts to fly two ideal in the young public.I choose for the oneself with girl in the letter of the road drink colourful, behave rare target joint endeavor.Rains and winds together road, sunlight together road.The rains and winds main force strongly stands and calmly faces in the sunlight.The diary ever really makes me know love, the understanding like this is too late seemed, I in order to excite to pay for it, for excite too many lost.Ever why excite?Why don't calm down?It is that the probably successful desire is too strong, lets me takes no account of the result that it brings.There are too many repeated contentses in the writing that once wrote down.I the process lieutenant general in the modification these the contents delete.Delete of make me know more at the same timeThe writing is intelligence, the experience combines.It loves in the mind more and sublimating of responsibility.I have already chosen a writing, will be responsible for it, to the reading&the ldquo;My writing.Of the friend be responsible for.It also shows me to arrive ever failure and successful reason, also showed me impulsive side.Give my writing road up bring all the sweet and bitter experiences.Ever of wrote in the writingNew youth literature website.It is that one is small scaled.I once did a practice in the new youth webmaster and editor, is also this literature website to make me write to 《drown 》 , 《the road of creations 》 writing like this.Come in contact with new youth& mdash;—Is that I see a letter in the mailbox.My reading finishes the contents of letter, click into this literature website.Its vitality, competition, the popularity all makes me move.After I register pen name, the beginning announces a writing in this literature website.The writing of new youth, all of big parts are what I 2002-2003 sit to write down before computers.

Visit Be left to the entrance in winter, those once persisted of all is being fond of to halt enough in Mang, resigned to own heart to at will visit Ge, silent world, use have no the voice buried the whole fine and ugly, Sale Discount Canada Goose Hybridge Outlet Onlineworld came and went in a hurry, can not request of the Shas are that Fang China, 100 turn thousand times but can resign to heaven's will.

Winter rain of last night lets the scattered flower petal spark the fragrance of veranda.Flower and grass You place, the rains and winds seem to be green more as before later on.The first sun rays in the morning just exposed, I opened a window to take a distant look, in a short instant, a burst of subtle fragrance, great heart Yi eyes.I move a step to arrive at veranda, let the vision that the heat slices is between the flower bush tour, at this time the main melody of one song 《natural affection 》 , once floated from my ear side, the singing is like bell, clear and crisp pleasing.The breeze blows a thin winter idea of cloud thick, the most difficult leave is a natural affection.Person always at remember of in the brain, leave many situation full of perils, but only have very thick natural affection, be remember the trickle Ai in the small river to flow

It matter that is unavoidably to knit sweater and meet pimple, the way of solution is different, its effect is also often also as different as chalk and cheese, meet the pimple of size in our daily life, this is very normal, no one will spending of peace whole life of, or many or little will meet some solutions in the on the travel of life don't open of pimple, this is the life, ineluctable, the key is you to these pimples how should handle, processing of the method directly influence you and do the person's quality, this is what our everybody has to face, who can not also succeed in escaping, Be just the choice of everyone different.Choose to, and your effort courageously enters, living nature the Jing is beautiful happiness, recruit a person to envy, it make people applaud.Choosing is wrong, you will walk into mistake area and even walk more far more, recruit a person vexed, ask for person's suspicion, it make people be disgusted with, with your the same kind can not find happy paradise any further.

Doesn't matter 2 years the time Be empty to pass away, early times years all not now.Book that is standing alone thin to read country, difficult look for a bosom friend now.The remaining years is alone thin to deliberate, the this present life is perhaps difficult to show 1.The wonderful pen shows life books again, historic after from have been already loved.

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