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Luo's hero in book ·way Sen tell us, like to be the problem-solving superior only has an answer, that is to want to thoroughly solve it, don't continue in office what future trouble, do a terminator of problem.Still have in the book in 《win in the problem to solve dint 》 more more in detail problem-solving method and technique need me to comprehend with usage, win solution dint in problem very importance a point is to need continuous study and thinking to use a knowledge enrichment oneself, although I distance become problem-solving superior's still existing very big distance, I will enjoy in the daily life to work in discover problem and problem-solving process up, win on the solution dint of problem.

The fairy that I don't know that you say is to isn't true, but sees what you drew(the Ling disappeared) pour is like also really have a that time matter!I few time call your senior, just don't want to pull distance too far!(Is silly smile)Is careful on thinking, I pour to really think that the matter that you say is to be getting trueer and how say that I also listen to the person telling love for the first time again.(Sob)Don't say, did this cup, wished you all the way walk like!

He is 18 years old that day, he is judged malice to harm person's offense, imprisonment for a specific term three years, young of he squatted down a jail.Three years, the father has never seen once, he be him to often see when the other people have relatives to call on he will the anger hate, why the father don't see him, he doesn't know.After three years, he is 21 years old, that day his birthday, he is in the jail doorway wait for a long time, looking at a from the same jail be connected to walk, he cuts up rough very much and has no money again on the body, can walk home in.He walks very tiredly, well hard, very not easy came home quickly, he at corner of the street saw a figure for acquainting with, he cautiously on seeing, filled with the exasperation all disappeared, he dares not believes not to dare to continue to keep on seeing, that is his father, three year agos that his rickets that is still stronger father current wear back, is still so wrinkly eyebrows, only the corner of mouth takes saliva, crazy of, he slowly walks over there, call, father's father, the father is silly to silly smile, looking at him call, father's father, that a moment, he knows, the father went crazy.He hands a crazy father and slowly heads for the house ever and looking at father disgustingly dirty appearance, he decided to take a bath for father and changed body clothes, be he took off the father's clothes of time, Sale Discount Canada Goose Heli Arctic Outlet Onlinewhat to see is the scar of the sparerib and whole body of Lin Xun, he cried, he didn't know why meeting so, the father ever why will become now this pair shape, he bites a tooth restraining tears took a shower for father, pacified a father to sleep bottom, he decides to ask a neighbor this exactly is what happened, he runs to the opposite door, depend on sparse remember this family to live the big Shen of a good heart, knock to open the door, the big Shen is full to is to in astonishment looking at him, the big Shen responds to come over and pleased him into house, he an enter a house asking him of no time for waiting father is what is the row, the big Shen tells him, after he went in the third day, his father accepts can not stand the stroke went crazy, the big Shen also tells him, before he studies of money is all what father go out dozen to face work to earn every day come, he not on the time in home, Sale Discount Canada Goose Heli Arctic Outlet Onlinethe father always eats leftover rice ort to chew a plain wheat roll to make a living, he cannot listen to, he finally understands a father why always wrinkly eyebrows, why father's complexion is always so pale, he feels he is so not filial, he hurtled to go out and returned to a house and knelt before the body, the father cries to shout, father, father, I sorry you, the son lets you down, the father waked up with a start, fear of looking at him, yell, don't , don't beat me

She was thick face to gather together to ask 1 in the past:Is delicious?He lifted eyes to see her one eye, two words didn't say bye next the half apple pass to blue sky wood.She is overwhelmed by special favor and hold apple along while could not say words, Sale Discount Canada Goose Heli Arctic Outlet Onlinehoping of just silly Xi Xi he.Allow to have a pair of deep and charming eyes by Anne, there wave light Lin Lin, there scenery such as painting, there deeply can not measure.Blue sky wood hopes his eyes and and is hard to draw apart eye, surprised is a nature and man.Allow the most beautiful person whom Anne is that blue sky wood was from birth to once see eyes.Is astonished, suddenly one act, deeply engrave in blue sky wood's in the mind.Like to is from that a moment beginning probably.

Several year time in a flash but lead, face another choices of life, we no longer have the excitement to at the beginning leave home and fear, just many a maturity and to in the future imagine.We are as unwilling to part as crew member, restraining tears farewell, mutually invite future.We remember fondly emotion to pack with dream to carry on a bag and carry on the back another time on the body to rush toward farer place.The crew member of home town, close relatives and childhood years became to remember a medium node.

The father started to jilt sleeves to put on a to go out sweat then and left my looking at to break a wall damageding site haven't resumed organic dormitory, an idea ground thinks, beating to pretty turn over in case of evening a carp will come down, not does the head bloom?A small but broken-down dormitory puts eight second-hand of"Tang Song Nian", like the dumpling in a bowl inside, crowded.

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