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What is the this present life one dream, several for joys?Is gorgeous, if peach Lee, cold, if red plum, after the time flows to turn, as well difficult succeed in escaping scattered become the destiny of mire.Being windy and rainy ground to groundly fall is red, the tears that the heaven abandons, in vulgar life time world of mortals, Wu from flirtatious pass away.The Shang in the years , in Chiang-Nan landscapes of layers after layer firework, as well turn to make bitter and astringent Ai to blare.Thou way ex- the door heaven the cool horizontal longitudinal moss is the previous incarnation things of the past that can not bring up and climb a heart window to tightly entwine, don't spread like the demon.Aforetime shallow tired and pure joys, wander about unhurriedly in the passing years of style of writing, several empty pen, in spite of to wrong, New Where To New Cheap Canada Goose 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offdon't ask black and white.

Again till weekend!Take lunch for time, declare the arrangement in evening:the daughter play ball, the mother does yoga, and father solves supper by himself[herself].Together the daddy has no definitely oppose, but the tactful earth's surface reached for a while recently work very hard.Seeing can be me to doing a for conceding and give up the yoga lesson in evening and prepare the pizza of virgin, her daddy's dinner.When you became the wife of someone and became mama of someone again, so all time all not and only belonged to your a person.In the unit, a suddenly and since then of the work also disrupted this to originally possessed over the weekend of arrangement.Was busy for a day, handed over before getting off work on the whole bad.Can just return to a house, telephone made track for to come over.Saturday works overtime, the work does over!Is angry to add depressed immediately overflow full chest!But have what way?The affair always needs to do.Since want to work overtime tomorrow, straight-tempered tonight what don't think as well, all works stay bright till sky again say.Don't go to yoga lesson, the time in evening seemed to be very abundant.Tidy up appropriate after, patiently do a style of pumpkin small cake in the kitchen.Smallest of quantity, press square son one-step one step cautiously operation, New Where To New Cheap Canada Goose 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 OffI want to do it fine.Steep a pot of longjing after sending into oven, in the pure Yin of green tea wait for the sweet joss-stick of cake slowly floating to spread.The weekend that didn't press a plan to spend an enrichment, but also enjoyed for a night calmly with calmness.BE who wise and farsightedly tally up a plan to fail to catch variety?Even if again quiet of life, also will contain many not foreseeable variables.These variables are probably the windows that God opens for you, since the window has been already opened, we might as well stand on the window to left for the scenery of looking beyond the afar!The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714406/From now on leave, again have no hereafter...

The commune leaves my house five inside ground, receive notice after, arrive to a commune hospital after the father rush, lose the mother of liquid on the bed, a title starts and then fells flop, from now on, didn't get up any further, didn't beat to close relatives' hello, go straight for the path toward that nether world road that leads to another world.

One etc., give of love have no in spring, wait come of sorrow you can't see, kiss next yesterday already slice ground scale wound, could not see of hard in the future imagine, you lock walk the dream of this present life, I take not enter your heart, smile to make a day of it, bitterness lead a year, you still just afar, I in the very short distance moment, walk, stop, smile of can not pass, cry, dream, clipping ever prosperous, your so-called flower blossoms, is that I am unseen spring, my so-called future is tomorrow that you can not find, is bitterness I drink, smiling for you.

Want again while owning it——Strenuous effort and intelligence ratio that pay are several ever high decuples, several a hundredfolds even ascend 10000000000%.Feel it is such funny in my mind, so of make me can not comprehend.I why believe a stranger on network like this?Is his sincerity to move me,does the stranger exchange sugar for my mind?Yes, the stranger exchanges sugar for my mind.When mind eyes opened, I and love to fly together, imitate a Buddha to integrate into a similar world of sunlight, give I warmth and happiness.When mind eyes opened, I got more life Wus, more method& mdashes that communicate with others;—Work hard to communicate with others, would be happy like this, would embrace each other reality, it would together love together go into sleep.I once wrote in the diaryAssociate three years& rdquo;Of pen pal.I am going to work in the organization dining room in the army camp at this time.While just arriving organization dining room to go to work my heart already quick arrive despairing situation.In the organization dining room after three months of work, lead to my guidance, I am again full of confidence and courage to the army camp career.I learn a lot of food of technique, although spare time of time is quite a few, I occasionally also write and express endocentric emotion.I compare in the organization at connect brigade easy, freedom.It is similar to is in the army camp.The army camp cares very much to make men and women to relate to indiscriminately, this also makes me receive thus of make friends letter, have been being placed in an antinomy in the mind medium.I cautiously consider afterwards:She and I are common friends, this and make men and women to relate to have no much relation indiscriminately.

The fragrance of books will float into a nose wing by himself/herself and press in heart lung and integrate into blood, until skin the inside , inside, feel that oneself was a book, there is also the soul in the book.Is numerous this book, numerous souls, at the moment all together the moonlight melt into my inside together, this felling, really good.

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