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The home town contains the customs in Gregorian calendar year, the Gregorian calendar year of home town drive day discriminate against at the last page of calendar, have no big year of of pleased joy ebullition, cannot compare with the feeling of Mid-Autumn to think extending far, the mild pure and unadulterated doesn't add to exaggerate, but is a year, the point of painting book the pen of the Jing, before accepting Qi after, necessary. The Gregorian calendar year in the memory is a mother to carry a bowl of last steaming hot dumpling, in forgive her to read and expect to the sons and daughters' leading long.The white wheat flour that remembers that time is take good care very much, busy year of parents change not to return to a bag of solid white face powder.For subsidizing a life, mother in leading to the road side of center in the town open up several Long wastelands, the east took the Tao that the west borrows point buckwheat seed Sa at farmland in, hand over toward summer along with the spring, the autumn comes to the winter, until buckwheat gleaning, New Canada Goose Victoria Parka For Men and Women Sale Online 2014just make our whole family have the buckwheat dumpling of this cabbage farcing at the end of the year. Just the buckwheat dumpling of pot was black purple slippery smooth, let people a while will associate the African's skin, then is home and dress of that poor and unproductive don't hide the woman of body.Follow flavor to deeply enter the ray of room to blend the vision of very hungry, get into "black coin" in the bowl to seem to be particularly radiant captivating. Mother after pickeding up a bowl of oblation world first we then can enjoy a delicacies, although the buckwheat dumpling cannot compares with wheat noodles of delicately sweet, the pure fragrance companion of that light cabbage farcing wears buckwheat special mud breathing, good enough to with Di Xiang those eat not satisfied stomach in difficult day of living.Is prosperous into the dumpling in the bowl be like pole wily loach, stupid of the chopsticks basically can not be ten it wet slippery body, we have to the mouth toward a bowl follow the son stir the import to it in.Some times because is greedy, haven't waited to chew a taste, already slippery enter belly inside.Looking at we are choked by the Qiang of a stare of appearance, the mother copies to begin smiling of a strength son to remind in the part:"Is slowly!Is slowly!Isn't hasty!Still have in pot, stay for you." Turned an eye to pass by for more than 30 years, the new floor of row upon row in the city area replaced a damaged site to break mural brick building, the household-use equipments of small car and upscale intelligence also walked into usually the common people's fence, the buckwheat dumpling of that cabbage farcing son end enemy however the attack of pork white wheat flour and multifarious western dining, finally a silk in the brain deep place the memory was also subjugated. Until one day, the son sees buckwheat in the television program decline three Gao, often eat beneficial.Then fight to make to want a buckwheat noodles plain wheat roll to eat.Pertinacity however, hence buy it at the supermarkets.Suddenly thought of the buckwheat noodles dumpling in childhood on the road of coming back, then bit a plain wheat roll to taste inside taste, just chewed several bottoms, then felt that there being a soiling gamey smelling son that wasing hard to cover up following throat and infusing is full nasal cavity, letting people vomiting can not say not to get, like this have been containing in, New Canada Goose Victoria Parka For Men and Women Sale Online 2014arrived a family have never swallowed as well bottom.Medicine joss-stick afloat gossip village

The Cang is empty to hope to fly Hong, heros like mankind,etc, we still keep still being waiting for for thousand years of Dian Pei. -《The general makes (May sky)》 "general, should never attempt to, if this time failure that offend city, we were some way outs to all have no!Still invite general to think thrice!"A old loudly says over against a young figure.The corner of mouth of youth is very tiny to raise upward to turn round to say to the old for a while"second father, need not worry.This time result that offend city is most bad also just offend city failure, then I this life stay in the salty sun city, but from meeting someone remember us.I believe that the Qin Dynasty is only an empty hull, because the people in the city are waiting for a hero.""I want to ask everyone here, whether want to offend into salty sun city, cut the item of that a tyrant king in city last?"The youth stands on a low short mound to toward mound under of the crowd say.At this time under the mound of crowd immediately a burst of disturbance, at this time one is orotund call get up"that is nature, world bitterness Qin Jiu Yi, widely start revolution failure from Chen Sheng Wu of time, world again when don't think to be again having a martyr to lead people and cut person's head of that a tyrant king!""Each tomorrow we then offend to go into salty sun city good?"The crowd that towards a mound bottom disturbance in the youth on the mound says.Burst upon a voice in the crowd"offend salty sun, put out a tyrant king!Offend salty sun, put out a tyrant king!.......""Everyone sink all of the ship into the bottom of river!"The youth that leads the way position in the troops towards a troops to roar a way.Sink into all of the ships water to mean that youth and his troops have already had no way out.Afterwards youth and his troops offended to go into salty sun and cut in addition to a tyrant king Qin Er Shi.

He rushes a pass all the way and arrives 13 passes and was a lotus officer the noodles had no facial expression ground card that uncovered "Chuang" to arouse an one sob.A Q is a 8.According to 100 happy rule K, Q and J is 10, this whole plural is have no meaning, ratio of is two or three cards mutually add the size of the odd number of its tail to decide gain or loss.The card of banker is 8:00.Is also say, "carefree" win it at wanting a life and death card its tail count to 9.His in the mind a tightly think this be losing.But the mind for losing is soon necessarily won of the conviction drowned.Haven't led 14 passes!

The small Qiao Han runs to put the place of the medicine and draw back drawer, took out a medicine.Poured a bowl water.Keep on taking for the mother of Guan Lan.The mother of the Guan Lan question way:Who are you ?How can at my house?What about my son?Small side of Qiao Han crumples a leg and then says for the mother of Guan Lan:I and the parents are in going to the road in the cityThe small Qiao Han told the reason of affair all the mother of Guan Lan.The mother of Guan Lan sympathizes with her situation very much, hence then says:Rather you recognize me to do foster mother!The small Qiao Han happily says:Good!Foster mother.The mother of Guan Lan in a soft voice answers a way:Ah!Ha ha.The mother of Guan Lan the small Qiao Han consider as an own daughter similar.The small Qiao Han also considers as the own mother to the mother of Guan Lan similar.2 people chat not as well happy.

In the morning, the ash receives of the sky, cover with of fly snow, float to fall with the breeze.Open spaces countryside, the north wind roaring and shouting pares off on the face, it make people breathe heavily however get up.The feet step at drive cold jelly crack of the earth up, see cover with of fly snow.In breeze snow of I, forget cold, felt countryside of open spaces.The snowflake world that oneself integrate to cover with to dance in the wind, felt the sweet of snowflake, seem the low language of hearing the snowflake, the feeling Wu arrives the innate intelligence of snowflake …...

When I finally feel that I should write what of time, the season was to go into a deep winter in quick time.In addition to window, the still golden leaf didn't know to hide several days ago where go to, leaves the barren branch Ao signs a full winter of sunlight in.The cool breeze that often blows, also call I and numerous pedestrians for walking shortenned neck to bind to like scarf to in a hurry keep walking.Every day the in a hurry to leave is rushed about to a work, living, feel that oneself a little bit lacks the ability to does and sometimes feels exhausted, even at the fan Mang, although it is said is the age of the hard working I but usually like don't come to didn't sighing of reason, although like to be mild,inside still keep hoping earnestly one in fine threads intense emotion surge.The time is quietly slipping away, I am quietly waiting for, New Canada Goose Victoria Parka For Men and Women Sale Online 2014wait for a kind of most direct way, drain an oneself's emotion.At this time, pound a keyboard to quietly stop, write some things, but really will I the heart of anxious and fretful discomfort comfort.The life has been being to give our trueest thing, we always spare no effort of want to hold tight horary small tail, but paid no attention to hit own feet Ya son.(: )I not from must feel deeply about:The time is too in a hurry.The season in deep winter, gradually buried me long ago enthusiasm of the Chong Ying, compare to early come of this chill that is eastern sky of

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