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A the song 《brocade Se song 》 quietly interest, I still at can not set free in state of mind of poet thousand years, don't feel already month up medium sky of, that experiences successively moon for thousand years, can tell me brocade Se where be China year flown to?Long poem:Look for dream

Because, at the time that I came back, the son had already finished eating quickly.So clap next is the vegetables that eats the remainingly and not much.But because is the first-time excellent piece of son, only the tube isn't very good, but still worthy of encouraging, New Canada Goose Jackets In Canada 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 OffI still keep wanting to take out to insolate and is in remembrance of with this!

People always say two people together long the meeting more and more be like and still didn't believe before, but more and more believe now.Tone for me to talk, facial expression takes photo, smile up of the corner of mouth all almost is as exactly the same as you.Predestination this thing is really a marvellous thing, I am often just thinking, I am to be how lucky, just can in must person in meet you. See you for the first time is at greatly on connecting the time of freshman, you wear a line but lead from the crowd, but an eye hoped to see me, beginning be learn elder sister of you seem to be excrescent of excitement, passionate invitation I have fun to your dormitory and also show consideration to of solve various affair for me, luckily have you to bring me in this foreign land other place warmth, I don't feel solitary.Being just consistent sky of is fearlessly not afraid of I have to difficult to expressly fear to this city and embrace your crying and making don't want to go home, at that time of I must be one to grow in the your eyes not big of self-will of child, you comforting of a time per time I, coax me.But I was iron the heart want to go home, you have to send me to go to station and please senior to send me to go home.Remember I say at that time that I went home and then no longer came back, you almost drop tears, however afterwards I still kept coming back, if had no you at that time, I think that I definitely collapsed, so say, meet you, is old sky of for regarding with affection me.Afterwards, New Canada Goose Jackets In Canada 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offyou take me to take part in person of hometown meeting, take me various idle away in seeking pleasure, let me come out at 1.1:00 to think a house of painful, truely start an university life.I am like a Chu eagle general, at your look after and bless the wing is gradually plump, start flying to belong to own sky. You always say with me, the life always needs to experience some what would grow up, surprisingly childishness of your hard getting up will also make me sigh.Remember to embrace for the second time you cry because I sank into a whirlpool of love misery, I know that I can not blame side person, too young would easily think is forever, personally tear to pieces a loving dream, harm a person to harm F, entwine endlessly, not qualified shriek with pain.Is you to pull up from the marsh I, you say and experience a mistake to would know to cherish, New Canada Goose Jackets In Canada 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offyou say, full eyes country empty read far, why not pity take an at present person, you say, I am always so strong, New Canada Goose Jackets In Canada 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offlet you love.I am silent to lay up all emotion, not noisy don't make calmness of wait for, academic association cherish in the moment.The life wants to pursue of too many, people always own of see too lightly, lose of see too heavily, would be sad.Is the whole seem and Be returned to equanimity, but, I not speech, you also can see the sorrow of my eye bottom.At the beginning don't acquaint with, eventually die of old age to have no dealings with each other, the indentation of youth inside feelings is the point of departure of tears deluge, O.K. have you to overflow for it supporting an umbrella, just having no.O.K., I meet of, is all person who loves me. The step of time always too in a hurry, a year time, win thousand years, turn an eye, I also became to learn elder sister, can I remain is that primary school younger sister in the your eyes.You always say graduation long time off, can I have already started frightened separation.The recollection is too thick, remember fondly too heavy, the years cans not carries this mum deep feeling.Dear elder sister Xuan, you accompany me from green puckery reckless to take charge as chief, frivolous arrive from the juniority mature and responsible.You are like a sunlight, I each dead angles of iciness will be shone in glory by you, you are like deep sea, I am every weak of shiver will be embraced each other by you. You know not to know, if you on smiling, sunlight Qing city.You have to pay, you have to check

The urbanization pushes forward, is progressing unremittingly, the use of farmland is less and less, the steel mixs Ning of have no temperature many-storied building to arrive in close succession, use strong and tough replaced to warm up and soft, so worth?The society developed now, wanted to change is have no possible matter, but hope everyone, under the circumstance that this pileup Ling Lang full eyes but all have, we have to be a little bit good to own health and exercise much and more, the common saying says wellThe person's life lies in exercising.Is that we chose a car, not the car chose us!Turn a life time Yan to tell

Every evening, I will early and early turn off a computer, have been staying and waiting at their body side, until they finish writing a homework, we washed feet, just can turn off a light sleeping.

If I really dare not believe mother says, I in a hurry made a telephone call for three elder brothers, the telephone stired for a long time nobody to connect to listen to.Stir to beat three the elder brothers' telephone the second-time more than 30 second, the telephone finally connected.

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