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A few days ago, I still summon up the biggest courage and forgive to add you for the good friend afresh.A moment that sends out in the news, my in the mind is very excited.Be like in childhood and sent to the mother's a painting, oneself will hide in some odd coner and look at when the mother see the facial expression of that painting, is to like, New Canada Goose Jackets Cheap 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offor dislike.

Ba(daddy) and Ba(daddy)The daughter hands to depend a back on the sofa, the side learns to walk a side continuously call.Come, baby, call‘Mama, mama& rsquo;I round a daughter and let her looking at me, not tired of teachMama, mama& hellip;.

With half an eye because one Be small to misunderstand, probably because customs or another of what factor.Some things cherish too much, with as for carelessly broke off.May?You still 17 years old in the blooming flower season, but I but sign of year, probably know is a kind of mistake!

Rejoice you return celibacy, did I still have an opportunity?This viewpoint is very selfish!Even hence is evil to go to pole.Also no wonder that, as long as being an ordinary people, seeing the beautiful girl the most selfish viewpoint is to hope that you haven't married.But does the sorrow sigh?This naturally, the Lai clam wants to eat what come, don't say, stay some face for oneself.Is so?In your heart, am I this person?

Far knowing that the work works harder very much, is come home is long, the colleague's good opinion.The president also really regards highly him, New Canada Goose Jackets Cheap 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offand do an accomplished achievement the marriage failing again lie.

Took a regret seven months ago, take lose came out Peking.Came out Peking this to once give me the place for once flying.Arrive new Buddha mountain in the city afterwards for seven months.Buddha mountain but bring a person to lately struggle a target, lately pursue.My everything is all new in the Buddha mountain, New Canada Goose Jackets Cheap 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offthis city can still bring me in Peking of emotional stirrings, the emotional stirrings like this lets me another time some feeling Wus that set up to arise from letter, find back in Peking to lose.This city has too many together same place in Peking, but the place of these likenesses be like a beauty to send forth fragrant blossom, be silently guiding I should walk very current road.Drift on water to let in this city people to know and exist more and fly and then struggle.Wanting to struggle will there is real strenght, having real strenght will there is culture, there is culture will continuously of study, studying can not give up the passion to the book.A good book can make people fly and fly between the blue sky and the white cloud.Let people progress every day 1:00.Progress to leave success at 1:00 every day not too far, person still wanting's being all an electricity for oneself Chong every day, letting the works for a day electric power is hundred percent.Live in such a prosperous city, can even make people know the meaning of cherishing two words.No matter once had been already lost of still now have already owned all is a beautiful but moving melody in the life.The stars of that night air flicker brings me endless of imagination and intelligence, seeming the starlight of seeing the tonight is such of beautiful, such of glitter, thus of make me move, thus bring me to fly of confidence and courage.BE living in a city like this, I need to make a new work request for oneself every day.I make it well and so to want to do more maturely than today tomorrow today, New Canada Goose Jackets Cheap 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offmore of good, because only have so continuously of can just fly more in the city that is full of a competition to the oneself.Look for a new breakthrough in the city that is full of a competition, the new take-off orders.The light breeze lightly blows my body.Music lightly rings out by the side of the ear.Music can always bring a person to very finely enjoy and pretty much dulcify of mood.The magic power being musical make me can not refuse.Can not refuse a writing like me.The writing brings me the happiness, brings me the method for knowing life and realizes the method of oneself weakness.I know life in the writing, is writing a high school to arrive much useful understanding.However these understanding make me step by step head for successful point of departure.This city of winter have no snowflake to in the sky and lightly dance in the wind, the only warm sunlight projects light upon the earth.Let the earth all be full of warmth in everywhere.When I just stepped on the first day of this prosperous city, the mind deep place had never felt that it will bring me so deep of feeling Wu, have never felt that it brings me a mind deep place so big of touch.It probably is this prosperous city to have many attractive places, let people want to thoroughly keep on struggling here.

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