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Low-key person must be a friendly person.He can't assume air of importance and put an arrogant smelly shelf, it make people keep at a respectful distance.One contains wise person and always is full of smiles, a person of birdbrain, New Canada Goose Jacket Chilliwack 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offalways the algidity is pressing;The wise person always remembers the other people's name, stupid person, always hope the name is remembered by the other people.

1,00<:Because Reminbi up prints of is all man's head, wait what the time print woman's head, I will give° money earned your flower.

My bothersome, probably origins the year of grandmother's traffic accident, I am frightened to lose the close relatives' pain.I looking at my grandmother to leave, also because her leave and make me beat small take charge of, care younger brother's younger sister, there is also grandpa.That time of I am very brave, is close relatives but live, hardly thoughts of oneself.Because grandmother leaves, under the Lao in my heart trace, so I worry nearby of the person also take place this kind of affair.Therefore, return to a house each time, they haven't come back, I will go out to seek them.

On smiling romantic, walk southern wreath, lead Big Dipper, spring in eye autumn, gentle and soft in the heart, three springs don't ask, an autumn not language, the person walks unpopular, the heart reads to break a soul, New Canada Goose Jacket Chilliwack 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offdon't know not to ask not to choose, that tree talks, this water three languages are silent, in the moment permit to change, painting in heart shed leaves, spread one song, change one phrase, fix is the feeling of the show, the feeling is the good luck of the show, the frosty sky month China is one phrase rain, river in the sky nine sides leave person's song, the Lang doesn't have fun, could not cantillate, in autumn the winter sends, spring to beat dream, in the bridge upper-class water heart lead, in the clout floating cloud the universe Du, on smiling one side, again smile not to know.

A Korean lived a period of time in Shanghai, New Canada Goose Jacket Chilliwack 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offhe made to photograph.He says: there is no mud in Shanghai, only have strong and tough cement.Inside in the city lives long, isn't a person.There is no mud in city, people want to cultivate some flower and grass, must get to store in buy, or go by car to by boat go to country to look for.The place with no mud not only can not make to photograph, what arts can not make, also the life of unwell proper normal person.The cement accomplishes of city, and hard and cold, include the person's heart.The city is a big market, each corner is trading, all is haggling, what can there is no tender feeling with the business, including soul, only have a benefits.Condensed person in the city's mindset here.The person in the city, the person of still real meaning?Helpless BE, people have to live on the cement ground and have no choice.The east Jin has calls five Mr. Lius of person, once wrote 《return to come to Ci 》 , also once wrote 《the Shangri-La records 》 , "return to come to Xi, the pastoral returns a Wu beard not", there is also"adopt chrysanthemum east to naturally see southern mountain under the hedge".In fact five Mr. Lius' day in countries also not lead, the bedbug mosquito is many, the housing condition is bad, all the year around tired get thief dead, also all day long eat bran to swallow vegetables, out at elbow, there naturally must rise.Think necessarily Mr. Tao go to country to live a period of time after hanging print, regretted again want to die, New Canada Goose Jacket Chilliwack 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offbefore thinking after thinking, also rather take receiving of five Dou riceses Lu in the city, although it is said bend the body to make a living, after all live a life important.(: )Go back to the original, that is to spin a yarn the head that lets person listens to dissipate of a text net:/subject/3714360/"Ci Gang" in the city

Chen Yang Chen Yang mean to say I love you the summer in 2006 I promise a wishes to look for you from now on I every day roam about at pleasure at the ocean of book haven't slept to arrive stars from the stars that sort again I waited until the admission ticket that you send me after very naughty 100 days I am like extremely valued then cherish hard and answer very each time an an imagine can walk into you of beauty you know me of love how much feeling again how much ideaChen Yang Chen Yang mean to say I love you I receive your letter to specially cherish in March, 2007 you can make me have the opportunity hums to sing to long for song a long distance ten thousand insides I have to rush toward into your to embrace inside Chen Yang of the boon teacher was the chance docile of best my this present life to persist to have no deceit to give me hard than the home town warmer springChen Yang Chen Yang mean to say I love you I am full of hope in September, 2007 the no time for waiting rush start me toward you all new trip you opened lucky front door for me, I acquainted with an enterprising eldest brother gentleness of intelligence in the bedroom can younger sister Ying of the optimistic kind and justice of flying of person acquainted with my dear new with I the dead hour chat at my dear elder brother in the corner of hallway for come home late of I beat those wish and intention that good hot water delivers for me to once sing those good to listen songs specially favorite of friend together take a walk to play badminton in the east greatly at five in Chen Yang in the river park Chen Yang to the utmost show you of comprehensiveness great magic powerChen Yang Chen Yang mean to say I love you

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