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I am keeping in mind a mood for expecting to go to of always expect to meet by chance Lijiang to be like affairs in the rumoursLijiang very beautiful that hot sun is like the lover's face water delicate deeply redVery beautiful that jade Long Xue Shan in Lijiang is like the lover's breast pure toweringVery American Lijiang thou city in Lijiang is like wall red tile of white of ocean spacious boundlessWater in very American Lijiang, Lijiang was deeply like radiant shining my one eyed of the Mou son of lover and then canned once saw bottomThe water cart of very American Lijiang, Lijiang is like the man's chest high big domineeringThe water current of very American Lijiang, Lijiang is like small three idea the clear Che is delicateThe street of very American Lijiang, Lijiang is like small three nerveses to spread all over thou city in LijiangThe trip store of Lijiang opens eyes it is thus clear that the curio of Lijiang the visitor visitor of dim in vision confused Lijiang if knit the landscape of Lijiang of red fire fire of the business of Lijiang such as poem such as painting Lijiang of the day is like silk if is sweetBeautiful Zai, Lijiang I really infatuate with to spread with the granite plank at you of road upElder brother's a Chan that lightly call a skill hand I concentrate on the mind of Lijiang, ripple wood's staring blankly her is a wood mansion of princess kind presenceWe stroll to bathe together the mansion feels to bathe Wang Fu of sumptuous we learn east together Ba Wen feel that the east expects culture of great and deep we burn a heap of campfire to set alight one intense emotion together four hopes for shooting we dance each other handle knob to pull more tightly and more tightly to let the heart stick together nearerWe put a river light to make her shine on brook together distant journey we go to the Na west Zhai son and Na together west the man play the piano to talk about painting to see Na western miss make a starlight journeyYour knowing here is the ground of blending of tea Ma Gu Dao here is a written Chinese to turn with national minority cultural fusion ground here is medium west culture of handing over and remitting ground here is businessman's material to communicate of commercial center here is also a Na west the person's habitatYour knowing beautiful Lijiang is the man's heaven is also a chemisette worldLijiang returns an article one mouthful Na west snow tea carefully chew the taste of affairs in Lijiang to enjoy in retrospect extending far black on December 5, 2014 at the PuThe art shots up onrush, New Canada Goose Jacket 2015 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offtheory ten classes but go

Don't always complain that living is what unfair to oneself, this world have no absolute equity, also have no absolute of absolute.Someone always complains that he or she gives birth to wrong age, don't know which age just suit you?Time immemorial?Summit of hill hole?Or at the dawn of civilization?Have never livinged you the whichever ages before republic have already been getting more quite good, if you is on lying a civilian, the son of emperor's livingsing to come is an emperor, your transmigration of soul how many also can be a civilian, is the equity where?Let you to be emperor again how, putting farts must are looking at, worry world every day drive Duo go, even if the wives order more, it lets you a sleep in the evening a , do you have that skill?The person loves one individual during a lifetime not easy, so many wives, you by yourself all not know that you actually love who, also not know who is to truely love yours, wretchedness!Is sad!Is regrettable!Or the reality order, hard study, there is skill being President by himself/herself, a little bit little complaint, order more activity.

The rain water has been thin and is under in the jar at present, a thousand years, how do I remember that past 1,000 autumn are already.

If not that see her today, I almost"forgot her".Calculate to calculate a day, already a week didn't see her in the school, we a letter also have no mutual communication.How to feel time leads of soon, still oneself really forgot her?Want the affair that took place last week, really is "favour" have been already forgotten.Is alas,is she still angry?At this time, the leg feet seem to be free from a control want to see at that clothing store doorway, she should be going to buy clothes.Don't realize bedlamite and small Hao, I then kept on walking, time walked to clothing store doorway, see she just at with aunt's chat of counter, and still have already said to have something to smile.Is this chopping down price?I the doubt of full face, but have no courageous walk into, if doing not record is wrong, we two the middle of the year, face to face once said of words not more than ten words, don't even say is at person head the avenue that the Zan moves up, I have to her another of shy, say to be like a Huang Hua Da Dun's virgin also not is to be different from, much less am I also a Huang Hua Da Dun's young man!Are these two years of understand according to us, New Canada Goose Jacket 2015 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 OffI lingered to in a short while just be turned rounding and then wasing drawn on by nearby some persons who ranning at the door.They run very quickly and run forward noodles several places of rices to turn curved disappear.That still have an airtight way?Once saw a circumstance like this as well before, some people walked walked to all turn curved disappeared to be missing.Is afterwards curious, I then keep up with to left for, but the detection is to have an an alley son, in have already much and all deeply let a broken-down wooden board door live.Have been thinking that that is the reside door place for passing in and out, I didn't also continue to guess.

My house lives to be on the second floor, facing the street, the first floor is a company to spread, the person bearer goes toward of the nature is many, several times I see her downwards the noodles spit saliva, I patiently speak to her once to spit everywhere of truth, slowly she habitually didn't outside spit saliva toward the window as well.Can once, I was really unbearable ground of to become angry toward her.That is a summer at the mid-night around 89:00, because she didn't understand the television program that we watch, she who feel boring was then quasi- to courageously wash feet of sleeping, can be she finishes washing feet of time, push living room and pull a window and go toward once the both sides push, then start to carry and wash feet water basin, just tread Zi type and prepare to wash feet water to this and sprinkle and go out with a left bow.Frighten I am yelling to her and by leap and bound starting to rush toward to go to her and pick her up is just wanting the feet basin of outside dumping.Is out of breath harsh voice to ask her:You the Zha want wash feet water to outside pour Nan, pour in the toilet!Father-in-law a words are just true chase I spirit gnash teeth in hatred.The father-in-law says:She poured some times, there is one Mosslem people's house scolding in the underneath, she none of chambers dare to open in the house.She sees I am a full face today of upset, feel some injustice grounds repairing 1:I am to see underneath don't have what talented person pour today.This just truely makes me annoy stuffy chest;Wish:She if not that older generation, I must give her the two times.Three a life times invite

A few days ago, I still summon up the biggest courage and forgive to add you for the good friend afresh.A moment that sends out in the news, my in the mind is very excited.Be like in childhood and sent to the mother's a painting, oneself will hide in some odd coner and look at when the mother see the facial expression of that painting, is to like, or dislike.

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