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《The book scraps gathers 》 inside a few Jing short and small text, like pleasant breeze white cloud, the small bridge flowing water, the leisure time, can a joy.Herein writing, carry is all temperament middleman, not contend for a Duo benefit customs vulgar person can compare.

The contemplation dies superly to take off to downplay rare vexed worry unrestrained thirst of one cup life that a cup overwhelms by joy to beg the feeling that the mountain has mountain to water have water of romantic.....The door that is with disheveled hair regrettable to throw the bending of river sub- fright to ride donkey to inebriate into sword of six visit boundless Xi of road what it fixs the story a thousand years Zong-zi that far bicycle gold Ge hairs stand on end with anger side in Mi-Luo River beats drums and gongs to float ten thousand fragrant Dragon boats to enjoy a trip to......Summer the poem of the clear Han lets the hell shiver Zhang Zhi Xin's throat to spew out to cut up rough regardless is awake or in a dream can see the pure facial appearance see not and deeply the soul youth person has youth the person's rhythm old people has old people of the thirst begsThe eyes drowsy from drink affectation brains careless make-up shows up not definitely and writes spring for autumn on the stage emperor king mutually intransigent and haughty set next brilliant scholar beauty the each has his merits thousand seat dream think to have ten thousand mottos of good dream of a s smoked dye a to pursue to conform to it up the inborn under of joy but enjoy agreeable it flows the day after tomorrow a bottom of sorrow but sorrow......*Look forI am always making greatest efforts to look for so time that spends A contends for dividing Duo second I look for a person of kind beautiful rare mysterious I look for loving happiness love of the affliction just seek of too many acquire of but too little consequently have no the receptions of time boredom......Add brains with the computer at present but hard table the guidance that was poor to bring up to weep over and smile chairman Mao for forgetting the lesson that the brick carved in childhood is burnable on the hoof blood to want to have various cell spirits to draw to take abundant nutrition in the mind......Look for true

The Ren enjoys mountain, wiser happy water , probably, used to see mountain since the childhood, so, water that had been feeling to look forward to most , most like of is water, such, although I can be regarded as a wiser, non- Ren, would thus wanton ground to make oneself drown in the whirlpool of love of world of mortals, nowise feel pity on.

As early as 50,00= year agos, the Jade Emperor beats us into the time of transmigration of soul, we agree on three to living three a life times to in no case and mutually forget.Hold 戉 , why I will feel that we knew each other for a long time for a long time, but I am really having never seen him for past 20,000 years, connect is more similar than his persons haven't seen, the reason is also easy, because past 20,000 years in, I have never had already left a house, unique a men who see woulds be dad, but why I see hold 戉 to feel him should is the person who keeps company with me for the first time.Fact also quite so, hold the 戉 knots actually and keeps company with me for 300 years after over there, these 300 years he waters to apply fertilizer for me every day, to, you didn't listen to wrong, is to water to apply fertilizer, because I am one stub sensitive plant now, New Canada Goose In Montreal 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offor be thrown in a stub of the big Huang sensitive plant.Remember to hold 戉 to is what I come to the second year of big Huang to start keeping company with at me nearby, at that time of he was very silly, he an openings say hereafter wanted to marry me, but I am one stub grass now, even I all once connected to can not stand by myself and wanted and fasted that time and Wu of, but discover afterwards now of I is don't need to be taken a meal, at confirmed when this is factual I thought the sky way the lightning flash splits to die me, it happened that that clear open sky, thus I return knot hence is old sky of don't make me die, I also cut off the mind for dying.The words say back, from that after, hold 戉 have never talked with me again, I almost think that my Huan listenned to.Haven't finished writing, but Be getting more spiritless today, tomorrow continue.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714125/Three temples six hospitals without you, 72 imperial concubines not much you

No matter the acting skill of this television drama actor how, story how, have to come amiss, but, their show business, let we each medical looked for back to at the beginning choose it that engraves and put on white big Gua that engraves, we are to this occupation's first intense emotion while taking an oath.Have we, just had this television drama, let's are similar to them, find back us to this occupation's first intense emotion.No matter the world changes of how, ignore the road of this occupation to change of how, ignore how the object that we serve is, we finally what to be responsible for is a life, passion of is a life, admiration of is a life.Each life is once for all, choose to have already made, that taking out us is melted to soul, Be melted to body, passion and admiration Be melted to heart, look for back to this occupation's first intense emotion, hand Wan hand, dependably emollient, New Canada Goose In Montreal 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offthe infuriation courageously enters and exercises mission.Dry our excellent, come out our heroic bearing direct and simple, living us are fascinating, start to build to belong to us the life 扞 Wei stone tablet this ages.《Youth 》

The flower blossoms to have no voice, the years is seamless, only wish we each other the dance move the next season and bloom youth ofQing a life time China chapter& rdquo;.Write in the season of this result

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