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The autumn is originally tasteless, have never as well flicked it doesn't go of grief, people of this world thousand sorrows give an autumn too many helpless disappointed, the light sorrow thinks.Too the autumn then became to consign grief of a kind of objective carry a body.Autumn like a drop of the tears that wept over 1000 years, head quarter gradually people of this world that is shallow to hide touchy-feely.

After about an hour of distance, the airplane is finally landed to Lai mountain airport, oneself each sweat hair on the body imitate Buddhas to all want to stand on end and speed up oneself to urgent walk faster together at this time and tread son to also imitate a Buddha to exceed one-steply bigger than one step.Because is airport's last class to arrive an airplane, also catch up the last flight field Be big to expect.At 11:30, the coach starts setting out, and stays to produce at the hospital at this time of the wife be also pushed forward to produce building.Because just is a midnight, past all the way unimpeded, no longer than half an hour, have already arrived downtown.Get off a location to be apart from a wife the place hospital still have a distance, oneself then walks 1, run 1.Just feel at this time that the out of F hasn't toughenned for a long time, the physical strength has already far and far got behind with intelligence.

A good diary is the mind used to write delineates, deeply describe.An excellent diary can always bring the person the spirit up of encourage and push.Encourage every frustrate that I greet life road, every difficulty, every time rains and winds, every time rainbow.Push me to go forward to higher life target.When an excellent diary shuttles brain China Times at the reader, the reading will be her as a beautiful painting, a beautiful poem, a specially classic old song.When an excellent diary at write style of writing to come out, his mind will lightly dance in the wind along with the diary, lightly sing, lightly touched, moving an excellent diary not only needs intelligence and imagination but also needs better topic, because good topic just can write an excellent diary.

Male is particularly cherish book and like to read, father's seven brother and sister's teaching materials with once read of book all drive Mr. collect in a small room, after because of hair Huang drive the insect Zhu Ai place, the all of old woman sold it, Mr. whisper to blame and scold the old woman is a lot of sky of.Peacetime male a free then will arrive village male in take newspaper to come back reading, I also follow to read, at that time young and inexperienced of I then use once read newspaper to use to create kite.

Total regiment Take a wide view cosmos aeon, it may be said this undertakings change more.The mankind spread aeon, whole pack again war how many years.How much psyche vapor trail, the psyche dream rounds between the heart.The star of Hao Miao super hundred million, but up to now don't appear in public smoke now.Hence person son should total regiment, probably coexist aeon.Such as if three wars rise now, Er worry I Zha time now.The Earth on the unmanned smoke, the Hao Miao Chang Qiong no longer now.In really the mankind's regret, hence mankind should total regiment.

At this social in life, probably our majority of people are the persons who isn't contented to cherish blessing, because can not get contented desire forever, because of to future fan Mang and tiny perhaps.But, I always stubbornly and trusting, is even if social in one like this in, is still that the meeting many people is an easily contented person.Contented person, happy will come particularly and in brief.Contented person will easily feel happy.Because nearby a little bit small intravenous drop drop, but feel happy.The kid of wayside pays no attention to our smiling face of innocent glitter of helped a stranger or be paid no attention by the stranger of help, lead traffic lights coincidentally and every moment, on the bus a reason should of let, perfectly completed a work the task hear neighbors to contain a birth of small life for a day and see the friend pick the shape that the eyebrow pushes an eye etc. to he or she, all of this are our very small happiness.

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