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Make us practical stem, place good friend, fasten to hang close relatives, look for understanding friend.Meet a good luck in the next year, make a living away from home on the road of life some kind of, work well oneself, the pleased spirit ocean ocean leads good oneself whole life.Even if can not find to help rice straw, don't be disappointed, either.Oneself starts to stand a waist pole and natural and unrestrainedly goes before struggling.The destiny can't maltreat you, in no case will bury your artistic talent as well, is a gold to always need to give out light.Talk fatty say to lose

The weather is colder and colder, I because wear also littlely, come out a bit hasty, in addition it not the elephant just came out of so, damn of the weather blew breeze again, again add of heavy snow day, almost the elephant blew big smoke cannon, I embraced a bosom and walked nearly half several hour, arrived unit.Haven't waited I to stand firm a heel, just wanted to sit down to take a rest a short while, listen to outside the Ga Zhi stopped the sedan in next black, from the car the bottom stood down to several individuals and arrived at us to come to check here and also allowed of no cent to said and kept intruding into our office, I didn't°yet what spirit prepare, they all intrude into to come in and lead the way of opened mouth first to make reference to:You take out your safe activities and the safety checks to us and see, I at this time because the mood isn't very good, treat to take a receiving of not sparse inside them, very slowly find out that, to once the table put and say:You see by yourselves?All here!

They make me change and let to produce strong love and successful greed in my mind.There is love in their heart and have the one clean and pure sky.So they hope that more people head for success, the alignment belongs to oneself successful satge.The their qualities and artistic talent impresses with my mind.Listen to they speak that when the life experiences I see them a time head for successful method& mdash from the failure;—Persist, strong, never give up.I often miss they are like this successful in the traditional profession, why still need to choose such a be spoken by the outsider not good profession?They enough money, there is also successful business.They the brilliancy once led, they once lost as well and once went back and forth.Successful greed and desire make them choose this profession.They hope to let an oneself to be more of success.His a personal success doesn't calculate success, he is rich don't represent his close relatives and friend equally rich.This is often the successful personage to the my words.They bear pressure, also win lonesome, they let go of a face and is a person in a low-key way, Gao Diao works.They become millionaire, millionaire, they also become a member that the single wins.They have a car, there is building, they what also enough, they only need to give the mind one clean and pure sky now.Open eyes of mind more, exchange more sugar for mind.Succeed personage of the words encourage me moment by moment.

Turned 1 turn in the clothing store, don't see suitable clothes, we then walked out and just walked not and far, and then ran into an old woman about 50 years old person to hold up road, the hand inside kept trembling in our in front prosperous had how many the bowl of small change, read Dao in mouth:Go and go!Our another people give she a dollar money just go away.

He is 18 years old that day, he is judged malice to harm person's offense, imprisonment for a specific term three years, young of he squatted down a jail.Three years, the father has never seen once, he be him to often see when the other people have relatives to call on he will the anger hate, why the father don't see him, he doesn't know.After three years, he is 21 years old, that day his birthday, he is in the jail doorway wait for a long time, looking at a from the same jail be connected to walk, he cuts up rough very much and has no money again on the body, can walk home in.He walks very tiredly, well hard, very not easy came home quickly, he at corner of the street saw a figure for acquainting with, he cautiously on seeing, filled with the exasperation all disappeared, he dares not believes not to dare to continue to keep on seeing, that is his father, three year agos that his rickets that is still stronger father current wear back, New Canada Goose Canada 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offis still so wrinkly eyebrows, only the corner of mouth takes saliva, crazy of, he slowly walks over there, call, father's father, the father is silly to silly smile, looking at him call, father's father, that a moment, he knows, the father went crazy.He hands a crazy father and slowly heads for the house ever and looking at father disgustingly dirty appearance, he decided to take a bath for father and changed body clothes, be he took off the father's clothes of time, what to see is the scar of the sparerib and whole body of Lin Xun, he cried, he didn't know why meeting so, the father ever why will become now this pair shape, he bites a tooth restraining tears took a shower for father, pacified a father to sleep bottom, he decides to ask a neighbor this exactly is what happened, he runs to the opposite door, depend on sparse remember this family to live the big Shen of a good heart, knock to open the door, the big Shen is full to is to in astonishment looking at him, the big Shen responds to come over and pleased him into house, he an enter a house asking him of no time for waiting father is what is the row, the big Shen tells him, after he went in the third day, his father accepts can not stand the stroke went crazy, the big Shen also tells him, before he studies of money is all what father go out dozen to face work to earn every day come, he not on the time in home, the father always eats leftover rice ort to chew a plain wheat roll to make a living, he cannot listen to, he finally understands a father why always wrinkly eyebrows, why father's complexion is always so pale, he feels he is so not filial, he hurtled to go out and returned to a house and knelt before the body, the father cries to shout, father, father, I sorry you, the son lets you down, the father waked up with a start, fear of looking at him, yell, don't , don't beat me

Dream it has been two years since Hao Miao wasted, the brain stem to the utmost loses to stand.This present life actually desire what, in every possible way disappointed difficult go into sleep.In chance encounter Li Du is delight to drink, 3 people are thousand again general.The gentleman waits joyful, free and unfecttered on sky, get empty to stay the Gu person's degree today.

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