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Walk into the story that is dyed by the painting Yin, sees willow clinging, green jade water is long, side exposes the rushing through of man positive hard journey of anxious color to once with beauty mutually invite of under the peach blossom tree, several year past, he really didn't dare to condescend to come of the whole did to serve as what judgment, begged the location that canned be early some to arrive engagement.However, until from the sun rising in the east, waited until full west building of month, he can not see the Qian shadow of in a dream beauty as well, only a heart of dreary iciness, low Qi wear origin of previously.

This time, he controls not to live his own desire any further and decides to left for to appreciate.Though doctor Zang Xi uncle the bitter in taste old woman nature advise Zu again and again, he still kept being with many attendants crowding round worn to arrive at to long for day and night a ground of Tang Yi to go fishing.Before Mr. Yin of Lu arrives at, the attentive place officialdom early builds to build the estrade of liking the gaudiness.Lu Mr. Yin arrives at this gorgeous estrade up feel more free of mind and happy of heart.The officialdom immediately orderanies a kind fishing to greatly establish a fishing of having and inviting concealed Mr. snare it.Because scenery good, snare fish again much again big, what Mr. Yin played is very happy, unexpectedly forget time, go to sky black just very unwilling to part withly leave.Afterward, this place hence leave Lu concealed male view fish set historic relic, the of fish set county is namely and from here and since then now.

Supper, as long as have father at, more noisy Be getting more happy.No matter the mother prepared for us what meal, we all feel what delicacies from land and sea the one family's reunited rice excels.

If say that the scene that go the west ditch extremely skillful too much makes me marvel, so this hill path in cloud, the water dike on the overhanging cliff, New Canada Goose Calls 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offancient plain residents, then let me a mind tremors.These human life miracles just truely molded too quality of going the west ditch somebody else.Extremely sing for 《piano set 》 that just hatches a Ji Kang thousand years:

Every day, always there is dissimilarity of fascinating, each the sorrow that all fascinatingly always accompany with some people is pleased.

This city makes me know wise importance and handiness to make use of a wise method more.The intelligence can make me be getting brighter and embrace each other from the mind more self-confidently each new.The intelligence is solution difficult of the best method.More live in this city more can learn to much knowledge, a lot of method and technique of behaviour and manner in dealing with otherses.This city really brings me a lot of similar to Peking feeling Wus and lets the place that I move.But these feeling Wu and same place is weaving one of my life.Make each lives all abundant colorful——The literature, music, writes, business, network.Exist in this city in addition to the intelligence still needs to own a specially good relationship.The social relationship in nowadays was originally complicated but changed more of, New Canada Goose Calls 2015 Sale Online Up to 50 Offif didn't know to protect an oneself is very difficult to adapt to everything here.This city brings me the new thinking is to the life, new standpoint, but constantly of still keep being a first home town color to reach to leave——Is simple and honest, docile.A person is what kind regardless of the city is all living should——Hold the steer device of good life.Then the steer device that holds good life can create fine life.The fine life needs to be founded.Found demand intelligence, need to pay 100000%, ten thousand times& mdashes;—The hands of sweat and diligence.Need to diligently work properly and discover——Let me know the real meaning of existence and inspire.Found as if write to need to be used——The mind writes, the intelligence writes, and the love writes.Only diligently work properly and the article and diary that intelligence and write out can bring an inspiring of dear reader and friend the United States and enjoy.

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