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Whenever I shuttle at the person and flow such as the huge of tide alone of, I want at under an environment like thisLook for how of cream cheese?How I am at the environment like this descendsThe cream cheese that looks for an ability to make me cherish.When I at experienced a lot of affairs behind, I feelThe cream cheese& rdquo of oneself;Should be hard behind get, book in 《academic association be own cream cheese 》 also to a lot of of my association of thoughts, probably association of thought have never read a later book of so direct, but associate to some people and the affair can even give me more thinkings, thinking do the time of a matter each time I am to not is to should do, will bring for me after doing such a thing how of result?The person is to want to be after experiencing a lot of affairs, just can from the mind the feeling Wu arrive a lot of before can not feeling Wu arrive of.When the feeling Wu arrives these of, I feel all these everythings all are ever of pure stayed to my feeling Wu.No matter business and youth of occurrence when the childhood the matter still youth on me happens the businesses of occurrence are all such worth I think deeply and consider.Although the regret that there is a good work do,once leaving now have already canned not make up, the regret like this can not also make up, be I the one step one step walk the situation like this till today there in no don't say is at strong under come over here, see today result like this I didn't feel proud of, because the failure ever can not forget, especiallyBanyan& rdquo;Bottom of the failure is the wound in my heart forever, the wound like this can never be made up, even if drive make up also hard add to with full intention work properly of scar, because the scar of mind is very hard to make up.Banyan& rdquo;Bottom of the precept profoundly is also worth me to over.

The night that sees the Tan flower blossoming to hurt, and then seeing the moth rushing toward fire power outage again, a pillar shakes the candle light of 曵 , a Ta is accepted to sentimental draft paper.I sit before computer, confused is writing, Tu Man Yi's piece, throw away 1.In miscellaneous disorderly have no chapter in, consume the liquid ink in the handle of pen;The paper hurt without any reason and without cause.The meaning of life actually is what, in pay no attention, I witnessed E son flounder but the whole process of Wu.Looking at this to make people struck with fright or horror, living and dead it for an instant;Though Be returned to 1 kind with no regret of quiet United States;But still keep taking me into sad atmosphere.It is saied that of does the ark exist?Since make existence, can is trapped by feeling of the mankind take to where?Since make existence, again how ability Du come from dig an abyss, Cheap Pink Canada Goose Sale Online 2014to life spoony heart feelings wish?.I why want to modern ofGive or get an electric shock, Does the such creation depend on;State of mind such as tingle, only 1 can not get to the Internet, not ability and expectation in of she, send greetings to severals and send with each other mutually several lay a net picture& hellip;The imitating a Buddha closes the whole world for me a while.Struggle in the feeling river and love the Chi of the sea a male hatred female.

Things of the past such as breeze but go, the Gu grass that remains in the motley city wall, dance with the breeze.The from year to year ups and downs still livings, but can not romantic late lament.

It was late at night, the body is getting more tired, but still don't feel sleepy to go, because of being waiting you to be online.See your head be like to suddenly twinkle, a while become spirit thousand times, that the joy drove out to allly trap an idea, weariness of the felling is also all gone.Finally you came, the anxious heart slowly quells, is waiting for, wait for you saying "hello" for me, and this is our usual practice.Time is a to pass by in the penny, always has no smiling face of that flutter to appear in the screen.BE be not you in hand of the work still has no favour over?Wasn't favour Be getting more tired for a day?Trap?At thus of wait for in, a pass by in the evening.

Everybody will have one side that the arrogant side leaks, Cheap Pink Canada Goose Sale Online 2014just sometimes we are understand what situation need to be a little bit astringent, what situation need to be put outside some.Today let's come to a noodles that the arrogant side of digging everybody leaks together!2014, did you work well to prepare?The Ye gets up!Release your arrogant, let your spirit field the earthquake Zhe live a condition and let the screams of each a moment are to is you but shout and worked well to prepare!

Shuttle everywhere on the sedan of various brand of road, I am lazy to know a way to call what, not what upscale brand.I want to also own my own small car and take family's trip and go shopping and go everything and Be just the family whom it must pack me, a person's city, again prosperous, don't draw on a person as well, or in the future buy a small car, take family to like.

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