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I once wrote into in the writing;A solitude, the lonesome heart flies under the cope of night of the capital city, a solitude, the lonesome heart is looking for reality, but be been very deep by the true injury.A standing alone lonesome heart is writing my life.This is also that I arrive in the blue hotel Wu.My no one in the world can walk into, Cheap Canada Goose Trillium Jacket Sale Online 2014I can not also walk into the other people's mind world.While writing a writing like this, is my mind eyes haven't opened, eyes of mind are closing.Our everybody has another eyes, those are eyes of mind.This is me river the Wu arrive at the Qi.I seek now—Arrive that lonesome heart& mdash;—Being a courage is love, responsibility.I feel eyes that love and responsibility just can make us open a mind.We regardless do what, all want to take love and responsibility do.My mind once collapsed of time, that is me when the river of Qi did a net tube.I announce 《I like of girl 》 under the banyan this is my writing road up be subjected to the most heavy stroke.At this time my mind eyes true close, seeming can never open.Looking at the invitation card of these commentary and attacks.Following writings all in blue hotel in Peking write down.My world has no love, there is no feelings, only have beguilement, smoke cigarette, drink, on the gamble with fight——Is this that should I own?Should not——But family and society already let me so.At environment like this' descending me is superfluous.The talented person, who comes in contact with, is a devil, they are to let me poisoned murderer.They use a hypocritical mask protection oneself.I but face them with the reality.Drive they a knife knife mow the meat on the body.They are absorbing the blood on my body.Become my[one] empty hull& mdash;—Have no feelings in my mind like this, have no ideal always life at darkly in, those are my mind eyes have been already closed, it will so permanence of close?

Sometimes want to get off work to seek a friend to have a meal to drink to chat, open a cellular phone but discover to much and such as the address book of the ox hair can call out less and less at any time over there.The friend who usually meets is a lot of, probably open heart chat with you of but have no severals.

At thin West Lake in addition to door, a big Ye says:"Hangzhou West Lake not want money, Nanking of West Lake also not want money, we West Lake wanting of the Yang state money".I don't know that he is what mean informing 1 kind, a disaffection or a pride;I don't dare to arbitrarily surmise.Say together with me:"This place just gives the rich come to enjoy of, guard a gate a ticket to lift to so work is for impede us this person who is poor;Or is convenience to manage".We all probably will have a little to put blame on or the Xian hate, to this matter.

Before going toward develop surely is good, but at development of at the same time produce some not good phenomena are also no serious mistakes committed;Raise an example to say, Cheap Canada Goose Trillium Jacket Sale Online 2014was a person to get sick, will at once cure well, but if is too quick and then will produce some side effect, too slow will have fatal danger.Now that we at the beginning choose the step that keeps up with ages and left some side effect;Now will think the way solve, can not change big trend to change the person's thought and change a policy.

The heart is tiny to ripple in snow color, the tender feelings flows to drip quietly.Free to lonesome tie up to round, round to catch fire a stove so, looking at to float snow, the Chi Chi hopes for you staying and waiting, Chi Chi of mutually.Is a lightly of return to Mou, a light smile, let my heart in torment for the foot Yi.Want to hold the street corner that a bunch of fresh flowers' quietly standing in the hand, here in snow that you like most is mutually inviting more.

Poor people mindset you say any business with him, his first problem beThe Zheng doesn't earn money, You sayEarn money, Cheap Canada Goose Trillium Jacket Sale Online 2014He asks the second question& ldquo right away;Is easily not easy, You sayIs easy, Follow and then ask the third question& ldquo at this time;Isn't quickly quick, You sayIs quick!He says at this timeLike, I do!Have 1 kind in the world:Again earn money, again easy, again quick ofHave no of, if ever also the round don't arrive us.

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