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See true two wordses' seeming to see life is jumping about, sees the self-confidence being flying, seeing arrive the frustrate and bias once met in looking for true road.I still find out true——What is it actually?No one tells me true is what?Also no one tells me true look for is very difficult.True be true mind, true of ego.I was originally a hedgehog, I got into a blue hotel and looked for true I pulled out the sting on the body, the hedgehog had never stabbed it to use what protect oneself, only wait for a catching of find killing.Probably I was originally a find, not a very fatty find.I don't know is what move me?Once there was felling liked this in the blue hotel, at present so of feel to is a mightiness like this.In the real life of our everybody, we aren't likely to don't knot to make friend.The friend is like a light to illuminate advanced road for you, the friend is like poem and needs to diligently work properly to read.The friend is like my eyes more, I can not lose them.Our friend of all very busy side, the friend is very important, many a much a roads to friend.These are also that I arrive in the blue hotel Wu.Along with time that I do a part-time job in the outside more long, more can feel the friend's importance.But my bosom friend they all reach in the color, I can bless for friend at the afar, because my parents retires to return to original domicile, I also the home town that can return to parents with the parents.I have to distinguish with my bosom friend.At that day of respective they all come to send me and see the tears in the their eyes, I don't know to use how of the way speak heart to mean to say the words of very much to them.Imitate statue of Buddha kite to break line, be like to be fond of Mang's person's son in the life road, don't know the direction where of life.Friend, respectively not remaining flavor's wearing me don't meet with you of that day of, meet in the me and you of that day of is a successful my business the day.

BE knowing with such as in the chitchat of Inn owner in the house:Small village only 3 lives in the village now, majority of green prime of lifes go to part-time job in the city, the child also followed parents to walk.Only have three people person such as Inn in the house one, Cheap Canada Goose Sale Toronto Sale Online 2014old rather is this of parent, oneself says just lead 50 years old, have a liking for to much older than the actual age, one face was simple and honest, the shape wasn't high, slightly lean, two hand full with old cocoon.Is old to rather say that he is Xu Zhou Ren in Jiangsu, because home the composition isn't good, the pimping time seeks refuge to arrive at this mountain village and throws close uncle's house with the mother.The person being old to rather have Shan-li simple and simple and honest essence, but also have the hardhead of mountain outsider.The one family planted corn with his hands in the past, a rope adopted mountain goods to feed, can want to see the hardships of day.Open in the reform so much, the big son and daughter goes out a part-time job, earn point money come back, just reform housing for a while, opened this farmer joy.

《Water Hu spreads 》 once seen from we inside, can also research big force of the current here, wide area.The beam mountain good brave fellow devises strategies within a command tent to direct many followerses and row boat to wear a line in 800 inside water lake inside, or concuss to do to cover by reed, or with joss-stick the Pu grass make a Zhang eye and appear and disappear mysteriously rounding of ground a repulse authoritieseses Jiao.Inside speech say of 800 inside water lake, its interior region is obvious and then includes a fish set, this waters and tiny mountain lake.

A day of deep autumn, the girl friend tells my Chen Jie to get sick, my favour buys some fruits to see her.The room rented at Chen Jie in, I see her thin be like a piece of blank sheet of paper, without intermission a cough.Time of walking, Chen Jie unwillingly supports and sends me.I Be not willing to, she unexpectedly cried.It is helpless to have to from her.Imperceptibly we walk to in a long long vagina wood, the very thick defoliation spread 1 F, Cheap Canada Goose Sale Toronto Sale Online 2014Chen Jie says to be like to cover with dust of old matter.Afterwards we sit in seat of honor in a bench under, the whole Lin Zi is silent unmanned, I heard Chen Jie long long but again the very clear Xu say:From during the days in the senior high school, I wanted to exceed you.But I have been having no.Afterwards I think to be since super however you own you all right, because you are everything more excellent than me.I filled two wisheses while testing Gao, the first school that is you, the second school that is me, because of in spite of which we all will in a city.Afterwards we lived in a city for four years.I have been aming waiting for your allusion, but you have no.Until you stayed down after the graduation, Cheap Canada Goose Sale Toronto Sale Online 2014I again have no.I with much ado want to adjust to this city, nothing but think with you together.I send to your 《Ma Yu Zhe 》 , also is nothing but suggesting my to wait for.I think that you will understand, but I am getting wronger, you are basically had no intention of to my existence.I just know I have much silly, so many in the last yearses you don't know my feelings.

Faraway night sky the midnight Tu come to difficult go into sleep, Gu body the independence is before window.Far hope blue sky the fan all receive, the dead but resurrection is fond of Mang more.This present life perhaps difficult time primary color, the perhaps difficult natural and unrestrained platform stands.Is empty to live one a life time for the sake of what, the from ancient times has never had a soul to work properly Wu.

That year, we met;That year, we separated;This year, engagement of meet you to forget?-Records a Buddha to say, previous incarnation 500 time Mous just change to wiping of this present life shoulder but lead.That year, 10-year-old we meet.While still recording a beginning to see we that is green puckery:"How do you do!" So, we acquainted with.That year, very small we are together crazy, smile together, cry together.We recklessly rush under that of sky that belongs to us carefree.We have never thought one day we will separate, till that year.That year, government says to constuct a city, hence the village with our recollections dismantled, the person who once acquainted with is each to rush thing, looked for to reside the place of body.In that year, we separated.Even if having is too many of loathe to give up, but have to be restraining tears separate, before separating, we agree on to meet before constucting successful village after three years.Three years, I grew up and faded go to childish, but remain is a green puckery young girl.Three years, the place that once acquainted with gradually became unfamiliar, at present, in this land, already very difficult find out again to be like before so can allow the countryside that we rush.Three in the last yearses, I am missing you every day, have no your day to make people hard to carry on.At present, arrived for three years, I think our engagements and agree on at that every day good place to wait you.But, why haven't you appeared till now?Someone tells me, you have already forgotten me, Cheap Canada Goose Sale Toronto Sale Online 2014can I not believe and remain wait you every day.Probably we missed, but I believe, the God can't not is able to see our friendship, we can definitely reencounter.I don't believe that you will forget the engagement for meeting, here, I mean to say, I will continue to wait you.(: )-The postscript head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713566/About the Shih Tzu didn't marry

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