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Certainly, if there is also concomitant beauty, totally read a poem book, the red Xiu adds joss-stick, green light Huang Juan, carefree knock pawn, is also a kind of the most happy.Way friend theory Chan, the beauty makes tea and cooks white cloud in the pot, birthday in chest the month is a gentleman king to also be the admiration of.

I walk on a flat path, the light sunlight spreads on the ground.Suddenly, I hear'sand sand sand'of orotund and a burst of step voice.I raise head and look, !BE sweep floor an aunt. She stands by the side of Gao Gao's big tree, more the Chen gets her shape short small, the sun of the twilight odd pieces must spread to spread on her body, I cautiously conjecture, she is about the about 40 years old women, the clothes on the body are some wash hair white of color.I follow again to upwards see, on her face some creases, from eyes in see is a facial expression for devoting one's minding.Immediately, my vision's targeting that is fluffy at her, the hair of mess, flower white up.Think come is work hard working to … her hand is bulky, if hard the observation can discover that her center of palm of hand spread all over a very thick old cocoon …… when I conjecture her, the quiet path uploaded'step'of step voice, I from sweep floor women body up moved to open vision.It is one inside year man.His in a hurry to leave must walk pass by.Meanwhile, five piece 100 dollars the big Chao is from the middle age man that the broken-down pants trousers dropped out in Dou, be blown by a burst of breeze to fall is sweeping floor women's in front. I silently the voice hide in one side and want to see how she did to see women's broom within hand and bent the body to pick up, the Zheng Zheng must hope, Cheap Canada Goose Parkas Sale Sale Online 2014not know is just thinking what.Suddenly, she listens to gradually far of step voice, 1 arouses to work properly awake come over, shadow of human figure looking at to soon disappear to disappear, hurriedly threw down broom to make track for up. The women finally still kept catching up with a middle age man, the middle age man was too agitated to express a gratitude to walk behind to her, but swept floor women to return to sweep floor at first again at this time. She lowers the head to sweep floor of the appearance was really a beautiful pole, originally short small figure also Chen get Gao Da Dun. If say that the celebrity is the sharp crest of pyramid, so they-the people of life basic are tower body and foundation in the figure that each corner can see them in the world. They are ordinary but great, probably they don't can make to arrive and kind world, but they can make poor then conduct oneself virtuously, they are great, we should respect them, if have no their to pay, which come our happy?!Root and leaf(outside 4)

Records:At the beginning of in May, one of my elder brother is checked for a lung cancer later period, the date remained is few, only tell my with the pale writing helpless.Blazing hot summer/depressed air/spread a bad news/you will leave/the slight illness torment you as skinny as a stick/can you very sweet smiling face still at.Don't know heaven's will to carry why such arrangement, let you to leave.You are the mountain camellia of home town, open just gorgeously, but want to thank in summer at this.I am only silent to bless you, future life we do brothers again.May in black, sorrow of season, sprinkled rain, rain of sorrow.Rain one every drop sprinkles outside the window, Azrael a time inherits to you.See the expression that you force a smile, I a time open a face not.Turn over the memory of opening the previously, you are thin and feeble of body, support to have my world.The back of your rickets, load my happy voice joke, your very red double of eyes, full is care and love, full is sweet.Soon you will leave, I more hope that I is God, row from the death book your name.Or is a clock, stay around the fine time that we own together inside.Author:Gao Li Zhong(: )The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3713937/Dismissing from post officials to come out again a mechanism again must is strong to lead "the person cures"

In the heart's deepest place, have been hoping earnestly to reencounter with you.The eye of looking for trudged ten thousand waters thousand mountains, but you say: always all at, have never walked far.I also know you have never walked far, just don't dare to close to my loneliness, we could not return to meet any further of ordered at first.The life is originally huge gambling, know perfectly well is to lose, but still the righteousness have never returned to attend to.The road that don't return didn't feel hard, just the feeling is unbearable negative, eventually disorderly float to living, such as painting of prologue.Who record yesterday joss-stick such as past, the Tu stays to destroy cup wine to turn have no.You is I don't give up of keep to read, Cheap Canada Goose Parkas Sale Sale Online 2014but I am you of the breeze middle period fell to once halt.

Isn't all of owners certainly is so, can not be treat different matters in same manner, I believe those persons who be full of imagination to be to believe firmly a person to still have love, the officer still has Lian, and the society still has civilization.I ain't a fantast, I am very realistic, because experience too many reality, fantasize too many a glass ball of being broken up, being likes, have been quickIs injured all over the body.But I still have heart, so I still believe that there is love in this world!

《The Lu strand lousy driftage records 》 is one book, open my range of experience, let the mind is subjected to strongly shocking.Nowise shrink back in front of predicament, guard to beg rare conviction in the place of doom main force, what is up can't we succeed?The Lu strand is lousy, you let my heart no longer drift.

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