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The season that just once walked jamed the flavor of world of mortals in my world, let the step that I smelt the dream inebriating, the so many fine periods wing is rising Teng in the heart, the but again is so hopeless the intertexture wore, wry smile for a long time, finally that smile is a put on very difficult comprehension of emotion, hope the car out of the window and come to car and go toward in the color of mixing up with so many pallors.

38, elder brother Shi don't fear, we have already had no way out.Younger sister Shi calms down to order and follows you closely, I how can the Mo calm down.That doesn't see.Dislike.

Blunder away to wake up from dream such as the pure dream dream from in the heart stabilize such as the Heng persistence Heng idea fall in the to blare bright sun to return shore shore to rise even remaining of shore light shallow(: )The life and death,such as the clock bell clock spirit, concusses long Hong ever I is a kid of ignorance, I not knew make great effort not knew struggle had no ambition, myself sent I ascended a false road, until replied to read that year my just knowing two meanings of words in"man"s are what.I change my own life route hard and then had a dream in the heart at that time, first dream, my the dream know in my heart.Now I although because Gao Kao cultural the cent isn't enough but arrived this origin two colleges, the dream in the heart still don't give up, since come it, then Anne it!University four years I will Anne Be safe steady to spend, but dream of the abyss of time, my heart my will will pass my effort but performance to come out, let this all true feelingses be like similar Gao Fei of eagle long blare.Today's hot sun is again beautiful, in the end have west under of that day of, day after day repeat, rise, fall in ……be like a walking corpse that doesn't have the mind, regardless have how much time of rise, till the last is also gloomy to leave, and bright also immediately elapse.I can not have never dreamed of to have no mind, I can not become out of heart body, because I think that the life like that is brief.The person is proper one dead, arrive at this in the world, be living with dead farewell.No matter we how don't like our own current circumstances, but since arrived at this world should the good good confidence actively face, can not like walking corpse have no mind don't have the dream ground on the hoof, do similar person of an ancient clock, that floating bell forever all in the ear response.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714374/Self-educated 《Chinese Herbal Materia Medica 》 , the father is smoking to save a female

But surprisingly, expect an end later they are two to again match, girl tells him to since have already chosen you, can't easily give up, unless you don't think.The boy hurriedly says can't, I connect to cherish you too late.But have never thought really and too late, they after again separate.Is what boy says again, but because the girl hasn't been believing himself/herself, don't believe him.He feels he well incapable is dint, more garbage very not that goes, he silently sits on the stairs to stay his cheap tears again.He when make a firm decision she works of the place seek her.He wants to save.But the fact is always cruel.

6, close a valley:You listen to, I am full to support today of, have already not felt sleep a house not to return, suppress till the last a check in a restaurant first, then take her big nephew to arrive at here with my girl friend, know perfectly well a girl friend at in be adjusted harmonious drama, but beat a few mosquitos of hours at the door!Do you feel that the general person does to get!

The flower blossoms at that time, we promise an asseveration:The this present life Mao leaves.At that time, only is to come and go, those together of day, happy and difficult forget those days that hand in hand once walked, I think that I will be happy forever, but otherwise …the whole as if flashy, completely at sea very weak I remember, someone once said:When the raining season comes, many memories of lives are sprinkled into the scenery for fading in color by the rain water, the all inadvertent times Mous are all been gorgeous by that to become to conceive outline most romantically, at wake up from dream of morning, the helpless devotion is another to drift on water at that time a flower to blossom, a kind of color, seem to be to have a little monotone, black and white world live life of refugee in this Dian Pei, all the way lose, all the way daze that I really want to be like similar now, lie on the bed, shut eyes, small and soft recall those happiness, those happinesses for holding the hand, really think the childishness has been raining to go, but the person head quarter grow up, past of those be just accidental, again fine, that also just the flower once blossomed at that time, we are full of at that the loving world keeps dancing to move a pair of wings, the flower blossoms at that time, we didn't be annoyed, have no miscellaneous read, that time of we just occasionally play trick.(: )Gradually, we all changed, we also have nothing to say and become unfamiliar, those come and go and all forgot??The flower blossoms at that time ……the sorrow ending has again who will truely know, there are no so many careers, how can painful unbearable go into eyes, I always all at, all in the place that you turn round and then can see, just that you aren't willing to stop over.Before, all ever, that Mao left Mao to leave, is who pale vow, threw away recollection, could not find that felling ………I not am very sad, also not is very happy, you to her smile, I couldn't care, you always said to is that I am too intractable, unreasonable, I have already forgiven, there is understanding ……the whole fellings have a little the thing is a person not.Become accustomed to solitude, become accustomed to silent, just be used to not no one keep company with of day, like to remember old friends, like …the flower blossoms and leaves too many heads to dissipate of a text net at that time:/subject/3714280/That is the bad egg

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