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Look back ever for the first time atBanyan& rdquo;The pen name that registers me is in brief such, personal introduction writes more in brief, because isn't very important to what personal introduction see at this time, more because not clear network up write literalness regulation, I once saw words& ldquo like this in the introduction of a writing;She combines to like a literalness game, but because a certain matter influences her, she just fancies a literalness game.In fact much time of writing can shape thoughts and feelings growth our knowledge and be you while seeing one some thing and product probably you visit the starting point of thing and product and I visit a starting point is different, be I at see one product make me feeling good of time, probably in the your eyes isn't such well, so is totally different in the starting point for our everybody to see each writing and diary, Cheap Canada Goose In Toronto Sale Online 2014I remember at me just start keeping diary, I had been thinking as long as wrote enough several page words can otherly and completely don't consider, however didn't also be subjected to stroke at that time, but what affairs will have the time of crisis, probably I didn't realize the crisis on the writing, but appeared at that time11.14 affairses& rdquos;When I see that article commenting on, I imitate a Buddha to drop into ten thousand Zhang abysses and imitate Buddha& ldquo;Ten thousand arrowses wear heart& rdquo;BE giving my friend who once left a message in the article in 《I like of girl 》 , if when they all see two writings in 《in May Monogatari 》, 《 drown 》s, I don't know that their heart has how of feeling?But regardless these two writings atBanyan& rdquo;Of the friend will have after seeing how of feeling?I can not know, because my writing has no gorgeous of the language sentence pack, have noThe Pai mountain pours the vehemence& rdquo of sea;But my writing BEEmotion with rationalOf combine, BEIs true emotion of show unintentionally.

Is cool detachment to make oneself could not guess, can show other people, the other people's mind guess, Cheap Canada Goose In Toronto Sale Online 2014the other people's smile stops and towards different words and towards the mind of hard imagination, someone chooses silent talk, someone chooses many matters it's loquacious, but still someone at dangerous of time send to cold warm, someone at sorrow of time let the other people add one knife, this is probably the road of growth, both parties' result that starts speed.

Exist to the choice of love hard foresee of unsteady factor, it is like a kid's son that just was born, you can anticipate will be what appearance till his future?The writer by chance hears two women chat, "you how have so good destiny, at the beginning your husband Jia didn't°yet that son of mine contain prospect, can your house was a luxury vehicle Hao now building to all have.""Not just the Meng falls."See to Meng's falling an inside be not only only containing pure, simple and excite, on the contrary containing a pair of the life wager is resolute.At present not is have a Zhe language:"Don't be the problem to the problem."Mean:Don't chase a simple problem, solution of more and more complicated.If young man while choosing love, persistently obey the parents' opinion, is that you arrived old also can not find to suit your own love, can with feel with know that the feeling decides.The person's destiny be not at an hour, a day, can see its future for a year, the love marriage is also such, love and marriage of the future need a both the husband and wife person to with one mind join force with one heart construct, Cheap Canada Goose In Toronto Sale Online 2014struggle, conduct.There is a parable story, brothers 2 people go hunting, they arrive at lake front behind bow and arrow's back.The big wild goose flew to come over at this time, their hurried Zhang Gong took arrows, and the younger brother says:"Elder brother, shoots big wild goose how does eat a method?"The elder brother answers:"Braise to eat."The younger brother says:"I want to roast to eat."Two people not and mutually let to quarrel with each other right away and waited until an opinion unified after, raise head and look big wild goose early be been surprised by the one of quarreling of two of him to fly.The simple story says to release complicated truth:The consideration is more many, lose of the opportunity on the contrary will be more many.This is like in the supermarket to buy an apple, planes around in the apple heap and always thinks that the underneath will have a big apple.The big apple on the result was also picked up by the other people to walk, could regret that the Die is not.So say that the love falling Meng doesn't lose to a kind of choice of advisability.

I once thought deep my love to him, being like a person had to walk to the faraway places so faraway.But don't want that originally walking to the faraway places is the slowest however on the twoth.

Concerning meet, I once had no speculation too many plots, but I want to probably can't be astonished, either.Though that time, acquaint with also not long-last, once sees a photograph and passed 23 telephones straightforward of I meet open heart of you, two words don't say, I then for the sake of an unknown engagement, look for you but go.Only because the in the mind has already seen you to be close relatives and acquaint with no matter where, as long as there is love in the heart, want to necessarily is all warm house.

People all at band together why have to become first house after establish a career, or establish a career first after the concept of becoming the house?In fact this has to hinder again, everybody has his/her own taking or rejecting, not is everybody to become Ma Jia, also not is everybody to become a sharp elder brother, so why the need for care these?Start a business and become the house in fact didn't relate to.

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