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Certainly, the formation of good class of breeze, atmosphere of a school isn't one dynasty one night and accomplishes in one moves of, but a long-last process, form master only control class the different characteristics of the collective development stage, adopt a fitting method, just can availably guide class collective of growth.

The dollar of gold generation is good to ask in the 12th 《theory poem unique sentence 》 in 《the theory poem is 30 》 to once feel deeply about:Hope emperor spring the heart give cuckoo, beauty brocade the color resent China year.Total love in the poem house west Kun good, only hate no man to be Zheng Jian.The ancients it suffices to show all can not all solve to Li Yi Shan's poem, Cheap Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Sale Online 2014besides now person?

I think that being me is getting older, I will have what wishes, I possible will hope that the grandchildrens can be by the side of own body.The one family round to sit together, pleased chat, happily have a meal, hang on the face of everybody full happy smile, that meeting should have much good.

Occasionally the lightness browses poem book in the time in spare time and occasionally recall oneself once walked of years, occasionally appreciate the rosy sunset gradually elapse a bathing in the setting sun twilight and occasionally hear the wonderful laughter of children lightly brush past an ear side to just discover own the childhood silently has no an interest of elapse beyond the horizon.At disturbingly noisy of the material life only guard one serene, quietly taste light Mo joss-stick, bise lightly brushes past old root, withered leaf with breeze draw in world of mortals, the years slowly flows through and engrave descend flick it don't go of trace.Is in a split second, it make people start to be suffused with repeatedly desolate.

Horse to far that 《clean sand in the sky.The autumn thoughts 》, the ear has been familiar to know well up to now, I can not help light Ling" withered rattan the old tree faint crow, small bridge flowing water somebody else, thou way western breeze thin horse, setting sun west next, breaking bowel the person is in the limits of the earth!", The limits of the earth breaks a bowel person, is that the Ji guest's marriage?Taking one to live abroad it to think wave vestige limits of the earth is a dream, is oneself, also be frivolous juniority for that, can eventually still keep canning not holding out against that enduring long hardship of thoughts of home, a grass of the home town one wood's imitating Buddhas is calling this"return!Return!"!At wave vestige while having no end, on happying meeting of friends inferior win, thou now how much matters all pay an anecdotage in.Because meet, fasten that free heart and return to go to!Because meet, the anecdotage contains muddy tears, the light language is one speech"still home town good, the month is that the home town is clear", Cheap Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Sale Online 2014language, but turn for the sake of breathed sob.BE ah!The tears isn't a weak in character label, she is the exit that the emotion drains, and she is the free river for remembering fondly.Returned to go to, trailed life experience and weariness to return.The guest of the Ji, you also looked for that inch to return the square soil of root!Still take a stroll on the Rong way that silently has no voice interest, step a whereabouts leaf, fall in love confabulation with autumn.Is one's leaf for autumn to float in my in front again, I stop a step and stare at her, I tell her:"Xie Xie!Be getting more tired, this is your house, your root is here".Although I have no Dai jade to bury to spend that feeling pity on of sort and protect,see her to safely stop to fall over there, my heart is getting more gratifying, I don't feel to speed a step.Because I imitate see another Ji guest step on the way home, overflow this on ocean of face that kind of because of returning country just have of smile with happiness!The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3714074/The autumn came

A little bit another would not like to recall of, it is those girls in dormitory in the classes to is oneself, they to I of discriminate against and calumniate, let me deeply feel helpless and despair, for that time of I that is the whole to say to is a what fearfulness to me.They capricious face, flatter of smile, is thus of make people disgusted, I can not recognize, we is a friend as well, just afterwards their betrayal, let me rather no longer have a friend like that.Once hated them very much, but let go of now, wanted those however is a previously caution that my daughter gives birth to thinks careful machine just, Cheap Canada Goose Camp Down Hoody Sale Online 2014certainly this is for now of I to speak, for formerly sensitive flimsiness of I to say, do those ever aren't a great blow very!

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